A living room should be a reflection of those who use it. It’s the room of the house where you spend time with your friends and family and it’s also likely the first room that guests will see. A good color scheme affects the mood of the room, so if you’re looking for a high energy room, you can pick bright, primary colors. If you want a more relaxed atmosphere, there are darker, more washed out colors. Think about what you expect out of your living room and what colors might be best for your needs.

Atlanta Top-Living-Room-Color-Schemes

Primary colors tend to draw attention, so if you’re trying for a more energized room, consider using reds and yellows with accents of orange. These are warm tones, so they match well with most colors of wood. Hardwood floors, wooden furniture, and even wall paneling can be perfectly accented by the warm, bright primary colors.

Richer colors tend to feel more modern when used in combination with whites and blacks. Rich purples and blues tend to feel regal, especially when used in contrast with darker colors. If you need to round out a space and make it feel more complete, cool gray walls work well with most combinations of whites and blacks.

Finally, if you’re looking for a bright color scheme that isn’t too overbearing, consider pastel colors. Mint colors used in conjunction with pinks add energy to the room and are pale enough to not be overwhelming. These colors are usually reminiscent of spring and as a result work well with whites, creams, and direct sunlight.