Interior design is a great way to add a special touch to your home, making it uniquely you. Repainting the bathroom, switching out the couch, splurging on chic dining room decor—the options are endless. If you don’t have a lot of experience with home design, however, it’s hard to know where to begin.

We’re here to help: this guide will introduce you to a wide variety of design styles so you can discover what’s right for you! From interior home painting colors to furniture and decor suggestions, we’ve got all the interior design style ideas you need to get inspired.


Traditional interior design is timeless, drawing on classic elements and rich history. It often features dark wood, intricate patterns, and elegant furnishings. The warmth and formality of this style are perfect for those wanting to show their classic, sophisticated side.

Key Features

  • Symmetry: Balanced layouts and matching furniture sets.
  • Rich Colors: Deep hues like burgundy, navy, and forest green.
  • Ornate Details: Crown moldings, wainscoting, and detailed woodwork.


Contemporary design is ever-evolving, reflecting current trends and innovations, so it’s a fitting option if you want to stay on top of the trends.

Key Features

  • Neutral Palettes: Whites, blacks, and grays with pops of color.
  • Smooth Textures: Polished surfaces and soft fabrics.
  • Open Spaces: Emphasis on open floor plans and natural light.


Can’t make up your mind? Transitional design is a balance of traditional and contemporary styles, offering a versatile and timeless look.

Key Features

  • Neutral Colors: Grays, beiges, and soft whites.
  • Mixed Materials: Combining wood, metal, and glass.
  • Balanced Decor: A mix of classic and modern furnishings.


Less is more in minimalist design. Ideal for those who seek tranquility and order, this style focuses on simplicity, functionality, and clean lines.

Key Features

  • Neutral Color Palettes: Whites, grays, and minimalist shades.
  • Functional Furniture: Pieces that serve multiple purposes with sleek designs.
  • Clutter-Free Spaces: Open space and minimal decor.


Swinging to the other end of the spectrum, the maximalist style is all about boldness and extravagance. Think vibrant interior home painting, eclectic patterns, and an abundance of decor—just right for expressing your daring personality.

Key Features

  • Layered Textures: Combining different fabrics, materials, and finishes.
  • Rich Patterns: Floral, geometric, and abstract designs.
  • Personal Expression: Showcasing collections, art, and unique items.

Mid-Century Modern

Mid-century modern style is characterized by its retro vibe and organic influences. It’s a great fit for those who enjoy a nostalgic yet functional design.

Key Features

  • Iconic Furniture: Pieces from trendy, first-rate designers.
  • Bold Colors: Teal, mustard, and orange.
  • Organic Shapes: Curved lines and asymmetrical forms.


Similar to maximalism, bohemian or boho design embraces a carefree and eclectic mix of styles, cultures, and colors. This style creates a relaxed and vibrant atmosphere.

Key Features

  • Global Influences: Textiles and decor from around the world.
  • Layered Decor: Rugs, throw pillows, and wall hangings.
  • Natural Elements: Plants, wood, and woven materials.

Art Deco

ArtDecoo design emerged in the 1920s and 1930s, characterized by bold geometric patterns and lavish details. It’s perfect if you favor a blend of the modern and luxurious in your design.

Key Features

  • Geometric Shapes: Zigzags, chevrons, and sunbursts.
  • Luxurious Materials: Marble, brass, and glass.
  • Bold Colors: Black, gold, and jewel tones.


Industrial design is inspired by factories and warehouses, featuring raw and unfinished elements and creating a rugged and urban aesthetic.

Key Features

  • Exposed Structures: Brick walls, steel beams, ductwork, and stone flooring.
  • Functional Furniture: Utilitarian and repurposed pieces.
  • Neutral Palettes: Grays, blacks, and natural wood tones.


The rustic design embraces natural materials and a cozy, homey feel. You can create a warm and inviting ambiance through strategic choices in furniture, decor, and interior home painting colors.

Key Features

  • Natural Finishes: Wood, stone, and metal.
  • Warm Colors: Earthy tones and muted hues.
  • Handcrafted Decor: Vintage and handcrafted items.


Take yourself on vacation every day with this style! Coastal design is inspired by the beach and seaside living. The goal is to create a relaxed and airy atmosphere with calming colors in your interior home painting and ocean-inspired elements throughout your home.

Key Features

  • Light Colors: Whites, blues, and sandy neutrals.
  • Natural Materials: Wicker, wood, and linen.
  • Beach-Inspired Decor: Nautical elements and marine motifs.

French Country

French country design combines rustic charm with elegant details—it’s a beautiful blend of sophisticated and country styles.

Key Features

  • Distressed Finishes: Weathered wood and vintage furniture.
  • Soft Colors: Pastels and muted earth tones.
  • Elegant Details: Ornate mirrors, chandeliers, and floral patterns.


If you like clean and cozy, Scandinavian design is for you! This style is known for its simplicity, functionality, and minimalism.

Key Features

  • Neutral Palettes: Whites, grays, and muted colors.
  • Natural Materials: Wood, leather, and wool.
  • Functional Furniture: Simple, practical, and beautiful pieces.


Southwestern design is inspired by the American Southwest, featuring warm, vibrant colors and rustic elements.

Key Features

  • Warm Colors: Terracotta, turquoise, and earthy tones.
  • Natural Materials: Wood, leather, and woven textiles.
  • Cultural Influences: Native American and Mexican motifs.

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