In the 1980s and ’90s, McDonald’s used a yellow and red decorating scheme. As a restaurant in the fast food business, they didn’t want people lingering in the dining area. The point was to get in, scarf down the food, and get out. (They also added uncomfortable furniture to help speed the process.) However, when the fast food business started to wane, McDonald’s changed its color scheme and decorations. They used colors that calmed and soothed and tried to create dining areas people would want to linger in just a bit longer. While it took more than a bit of paint to change the restaurant’s focus, the paint color was still a large part of the change to how people felt while using the dining space.

When you need to change the paint job in your home, be sure to consider the impact that color will have in the room and not just the way it makes you feel on the paint chip card. At Fillo Painting Contractors in Canton, GA, we know that color can change your mood. Here are some ways.

Color and Mood

-Go Red! Red raises blood pressure and creates excitement. It’s the perfect color for rooms that need activity.

-Go Blue! Blue is a calming color. Avoid dark blues as they may lead to depression, and avoid light blues as they may read cold. Choose something centered to help remain calm.

-Go Yellow! Cheery and joyful, in large quantities, yellow can provoke anger and frustration. It should only be used in smaller rooms.

-Go Green! Green has the calming effect of blue. It also has the cheerfulness of yellow. Said to be the color of fertility, green is great for the bedroom.

Not all paint contractors are well-versed in how color affects mood. Many will be happy to paint the room the color you want and come back when you realize that the color doesn’t work for you or your family. If you want the best results, it’s important to find a contractor that will work with you to improve your home rather than one that just takes on a work order.

It is also important to note that not all people are the same, and different ethnicities see and experience color differently based on cultural adaptation. The colors you choose for your room will help you feel a certain way and it may be different from the way it affects the vast majority of people. On the other hand, the colors you choose when exterior house painting in Canton, GA, will reflect who you are, and affect the way your neighbors and guests perceive you.