Residential Painting in Marietta, GA

Here at Fillo Painting in Marietta, we offer a wide variety of painting and home services in order to help you get the most out of your home. We specialize in painting, but we are experienced in many other fields of home repairs as well. Fillo Painting is proud to serve both residential and commercial customers in the Marietta, GA, area.

Why Choose Us

At Fillo Painting in Marietta, GA, our team is a well-oiled machine. All of our painters and remodeling technicians have extensive training in their fields. We promise to use only the highest quality materials on your home or business property when painting, repairing, or building in your home. We aim to treat all of our customers with the utmost importance, and make each and every project that comes our way a priority.

Services Offered Through Fillo Painting

Fillo Painting offers a wide variety of painting and home repair services. We specialize in exterior and interior painting of your home or business property, but we don’t stop there. Whatever your home or business improvement may be, no job is too big or too small for Fillo Painting.

Fillo Painting will help you with siding and chimney installation. We install HardiePlank exterior siding and corner-boards for chimneys. Our goal is to only use high-quality products that will last for many years. HardiePlank is offered in many different colors and shades that resemble the look, texture, and grain of wood siding. Unlike wood, HardiePlank will not be harshly affected by any water or weather conditions.

Fillo is also a full service drywall contractor. If you’re searching for a company who can install your drywall, Fillo Painting is the way to go. We have highly trained crews to hang, finish, and sand any new areas of drywall or repair old ones. Any drywall work that you need done can be completed by Fillo Painting.

If you’ve got an unfinished basement that you’ve been wanting to have completed for years, give us a call. We can complete your basement project from start to finish. We can install the framing, drywall, painting, and floors. Each phase of the job is done by professionals, which will ensure quality work and a fast completion.

Fillo will install any tile, laminate, carpet, and hardwood floors that you need. Our tile work looks exactly the same as a professional tile company, and we aren’t just any handyman. We offer the repair and installation of tile backsplashes, shower walls, and shower floors. We can help with all of your tile and flooring needs!

We have highly trained carpenters that will help you build the gorgeous deck or fence you have been searching for. We use the best quality wood for the job, and make sure it looks perfect for your home.

Fillo Painting will help you with any roof and gutter installation and repairs that you may need. Your roof is one of the most important components of your home. You can count on us to help keep your home together, and make sure you’re protected from any harsh weather conditions.