Kitchens are some of the most exciting sites to tour in a house. They’re also one of the most popular and often-used locations in a house.

Even when people travel, they look forward to returning home to their own kitchens. The great food is one thing, the ambiance is something else entirely.

They say that “home being where the heart is”, but we might have to change that to “where the kitchen is.”

An easy way to make sure your kitchen is always reflecting the best of you is to invest in the best backsplash design.

Here are a few popular backsplash tiles you should know about

Ceiling-high tiles

Gone are the days when kitchen tiles were only limited to countertop and cabinet spaces. Now, you can take it as high as you want to fit your home’s aesthetic. A good tile that gets to the ceiling will help to open up space and give the kitchen a modern feel.

Penny tiles

It is glossy, first and foremost, and many times found in bathrooms. It can also make for striking kitchen backsplash. Penny tiles leave a dynamic and playful feel that’s full of texture.

Mirrored Tiles

Yes, it is just as the name implies – mirror tiles create a mirroring effect. No, you don’t dress up in front of them, but rather it maximizes the light. Especially if your kitchen doesn’t have many windows, a trick of a backsplash can leave you feeling like you’re in a bright and energetic space.

Porcelain/ceramic tile

Porcelain and ceramic tiles are a commonly used option. It offers a classic look that what makes it both timeless and unique with a brick-looking kind of tile. Porcelain/ceramic tile is also wallet-friendly. The size depends on your taste, and it’s a resilient kind of tile that blends with the floor and roof, depending on your color choice.

Chevron pattern

The wide “V” pattern is what is called a Chevron, and what it delivers is called gorgeous! It typically comes in a navy color and can be combined with lots of colors for an eye-catching design.

Calcutta marble

This special marble is something to behold. It is especially unique because it can be as traditional or as modern as you want it to be, based on what material it is paired with. It combines its beauty well with other kinds of tiles.


Oil rubbed bronze, stainless steel, and more: these are the varieties this tile comes in. They can also work perfectly with kitchens that have stainless steel, brass, or copper appliances and fixtures.

We are certain you know you owe that kitchen everything, since it works just as hard as you do. Give it a makeover! You could love it even more.