Winter is the perfect time for redecorating. Cold weather brings at least a few gloomy days when you don’t feel like doing much but staying indoors. Why not use the time planning a dramatic transformation of your interior space? Paint can brighten every room in the house for a relatively low cost. A new color gives the allusion of a complete room makeover even if the paint is the only change you make. Consider one of the paint colors from this year’s winter color palette. If you’re overwhelmed by so many choices, call painters in Roswell, GA. Professional painters can bring sample books to your home and help narrow down options.

Look to Nature

Winter creates unique natural scenery. Freshly fallen snow is pristine in all of its bright white glory. If you walk deep into the forest, you’ll find birch trees with peeling bark. Winter skies have the look of steel. Even on sunny days, the blue in the sky isn’t warm. Instead, the sky gives off cool blue tones. Winter color palettes are subtle using cool grays, blues, whites, and off-whites.

Shift to Neutral

Neutral never seems to go out of style, but designers do make subtle changes to hues and tones every year. Neutral colors like crisp whites, grays, and pale blues create a calm and relaxed mood. After the bold reds and greens of the holidays, cool hues offer a welcome respite. Neutrals are quiet but not boring. Accent with bowls of real or artificial fruit. Add splashes of excitement with blankets and throw pillows in jewel tones.

Cozy and Inviting

If your color preferences lean more toward warm shades rather than the winter whites and grays, consider blush tones for your walls. Another winner this season is gray-beige also called greige. It’s a neutral combination of both colors and creates a warm feeling in any room. If you like a bit more color, consider painting most of a room in gray-beige and an accent wall in a deep, elegant shade of purple. Aubergine has been popular in kitchens for a few years, but imagine using it in a larger area such as a living or bedroom.

Warm Colors of Nature

What about creamy, golden yellow? A kitchen painted in these shades will look like the sun is shining at all hours of the day, even when it’s gloomy outside. The leaves outside may have turned brown and fallen from the trees, but you can still use green and create an earthy inviting sanctuary. Maybe you love the warm colors of fall. Choose paint colors in deep reds or rich terracotta. Blue is usually associated with cool color palettes, but this year blue is going deep and rich too. Deep, dark blues lend a cozy feel to your home with a touch of elegance.

The Winter Kitchen

Kitchen paint trends for the winter season follow the colors of the winter forest. It’s all about cool shades. Wall colors inspired by the outdoors are either stark white or subtle colors like cucumber and sorbet. Make a cool backdrop by painting cabinets white or gray. Add color interest with blues and greens in pale shades. Let your painting contractor in Roswell, GA, share samples and show you which colors work best in your kitchen.

Bathrooms and Powder Rooms

Bathrooms and powder rooms sometimes get overlooked when making transformations to the rest of the house. They’re small rooms and don’t require a huge amount of paint, so if you can’t swing a whole house make-over, why not put your effort into a new look in one of these rooms? A bathroom is a natural place for a neutral look. White fixtures are common, so you already have your cool base color. Slate gray completes the winter color palette when paired with porcelain white fixtures. Marsh green is another cool paint choice along with sky blue. For a more intense color, mushroom, which a warm gray is an excellent choice. Or consider moss green. Either color is reminiscent of a winter walk on a wooded trail.

If you’re ready for a change this winter, call Fillo Painting and schedule an interior paint consultation. You’ll love your winter season make-over.