PaintA great way to renew the look and feel of your kitchen without dropping thousands of dollars is to simply repaint your walls and cabinetry. Color has a huge effect on the mood and tone of a room, so much so that people may think that you’ve completely renovated your kitchen, when all you did was add fresh new coats of paint! Replacing cabinetry and countertops can be incredibly pricey, more so even than upgrading your kitchen appliances, so you can potentially save thousands by choosing to let color do the work.

Try making white cabinets dark gray or navy blue to make them look sleek and contemporary, or change out hardware and upgrade to simple, metallic fixtures. You can even try a bold color like green or red to make your kitchen feel personable and have a great energy for entertaining. Painters can help you prep and paint your kitchen cabinetry, but if you feel you can DIY the job, look to the following tips. Here’s how to prep your kitchen cabinets for painting.

Why Prep Cabinetry?

All professional painting services take the time to prep surfaces before painting them. You may wonder why. Why do all of this extra work if you’re just going to paint over and cover up all of that hard work you do? When you prep surfaces, you increase the quality of the finished coat of paint. Repairing nail holes, scratches, and dents will make the paint look smoother and more attractive, especially if you choose high-gloss paint for your kitchen cabinets. Smoothing out surfaces ensures a better bond for longer-lasting paint. Also, a layer of primer will help hide bold color choices like dark brown or natural wood stain. This will make your new paint job look closer to the samples you selected once it’s complete.

Prep the Surfaces

DrawerFirst, you should remove all drawers and cabinet doors from the cabinetry. You can use color-coded or labeled stickers to mark each of them so that you can easily return them to their original positions. Keep all hinges, screws, and other hardware in one spot so you don’t misplace these vital components. Then, clean and dry the interior and exterior of the surfaces. You may need to dust them first. Use liquid deglosser and a scrubber pad to remove all current finish or paint from the cabinets. Then, use wood filler to fill holes, gashes, and dents. Smooth them out and let the filler dry. Caulk gaps and seams for a smoother paint finish. You also may want to sand and vacuum the cabinetry to ensure they’re perfectly smooth for painting.

Prep the Room

Then, you need to prepare your kitchen for a paint job. Apply painter’s tape to the edges around the cabinetry and drape rosin paper or drop clothes over the countertops and floors. Tape over the backsplash, windows, and doorways with plastic sheeting. You can remove all appliances or drape over them as well. Now you’re ready to prime the cabinetry.

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