Painting a home is one of those projects that many do-it-yourself minded homeowners embrace with enthusiasm. Painting seems easy enough, after all. With many people focused on their household budget bottom lines, saving money by going it alone on house painting projects seems like a wise idea. However, there are many reasons that hiring a professional painting company can be advantageous for anyone who wants their painting project done the right way. Painters in Marietta bring professional knowledge and extensive experience into the equation, and that results in many benefits that shouldn’t be underestimated.

Hiring a painting contractor for your exterior painting projects means that you’ll not only get high-quality results, but you’ll also reap the benefits of proper painting preparation, expediency, and knowledge of painting trends. Keep reading to learn more about the many advantages of hiring a professional painter the next time you need a fresh coat of paint on your home.

They Know the Trends

No one knows paint better than professional painters. They work with it daily and see many different applications for customers who want something new and different. As a result, painting pros are well-positioned to help you forecast trends in the painting industry, which can keep you ahead of the curve when selecting paint colors and finishes. They can provide you with advice on color matching, patterns, and other elements of your paint palette and application.

They Provide Superior Results

Painting, in theory, isn’t a difficult skill to master. It takes time and experience to develop professional-quality painting skills, but even an amateur can do a passable job with attention to detail and a little practical knowledge. However, when you’re painting your home, do you really want results that are just OK? Painting involves a substantial expense, so why not strive for the best results if you’re spending the money on paint anyway? When you hire a professional, you can be confident that you’ll get results that surpass anything an amateur painter could produce. After all, painters paint for a living, so they become quite adept at it. To get the best results and the highest degree of satisfaction with your new paint, hire a pro for the job.

They Utilize Safe Work Practices

Another pitfall of painting on your own is that there’s some inherent danger involved in many painting jobs. Painting involves working on ladders, even in a single-story home. The average homeowner isn’t accustomed to working on a ladder, and small misjudgments of balance or bad ladder form can result in nasty falls and significant injuries. Professional painters, however, spend most of their days on ladders, so they’re less likely to get injured. They also have the proper safety equipment and training to protect themselves from mishaps, which means that hiring a professional painter is the safer choice.

They Can Complete the Job Faster

Many homeowners can only perform DIY projects during their free time, which means they can only work on them after-hours or on the weekends. Trying to fit in a painting project around personal and professional responsibilities can be challenging, and it extends the timeline for completion of your project. However, when you hire a professional painter, the painter will be focused on your project only. Also, instead of having one or two helping hands to complete the project, a professional painter may show up with an entire crew. Some of them may work on prep while others begin the painting. These factors combine to make painting projects performed by professionals take significantly less time than DIY jobs. If the completion timeline is a concern, you’re better off going with a pro.

If you’re planning a project that involves exterior painting in Marietta, consider hiring a professional painting contractor instead of trying to do the work yourself. There are many benefits that come with hiring a pro, including guaranteed results, a shortened timeline for completion, improved safety, and inside industry knowledge. Hire Fillo Painting for your project by calling (770) 637-6302.