Studies have shown that colors dramatically affect mood. Some colors create a sense of excitement and energy in people, while others relax and calm. With that knowledge, many sleep experts recommend using calming colors in bedrooms. If you’re thinking it’s about time for a color makeover in your bedroom, painting contractors in Marietta can offer some recommendations. Here are a few ideas.

Deep Blue

Blue is a truly calming color. Think of relaxing by the seaside or a lake where the blue waters can lull you into taking a nap on a beautiful day. Deep blue is a darker shade that creates a sense of nighttime in a room. Some people wonder about making a room too dark with a deep color, but that can be offset with lighter colored pictures, drapes and bedspreads.

Sky Blue

If you’d like to keep your bedroom lighter during daytime, you may want to choose a shade of blue that resembles the sky on a spring day. Lighter-colored blues are cheerful during the day and relaxing at night. In the soft light of a bedroom at night, light blues will peacefully surround you before drifting off to sleep.

Light Gray

A lighter shade of gray also offers an option for a brighter room during the day, but it still lends a relaxing atmosphere at night. As nightfall arrives and the natural lighting of the sun goes away, gray tends to appear darker, which creates a peaceful atmosphere for sleep. Light gray is a good choice for people who might be tempted to go with a standard white otherwise. A hint of gray reduces the sterile feeling that a basic white can evoke.

Bluish Gray

When you blend these two colors together, you get the benefits of creating a relaxing mood for night with a cheerful appearance for day. Bluish gray offers subtlety in appearance that adorns a room with enduring beauty. It also provides a nice contrast for a variety of accent colors.

Soft Green

Gentle shades of green create a sense of tranquility. Green, of course, is another color found throughout the natural world. Imagine yourself strolling through a green meadow on a spring day. You can create that same sense of peacefulness in your bedroom. The trick is choosing the right shade of green for a feeling of serenity. Professionals who work with house painting in Marietta can help you select a suitable shade.


A lighter color of purple can enhance sleep with its serene and relaxing tone. Some people wonder if painting a room in a hue of purple will be overwhelming. If that describes you, choosing some accent colors for other parts of the room can soften the visual impact.

Choose a Restful Color for Bedrooms

With the importance of sleep, it makes sense to choose colors that lead to more restful nights. If you’re not quite sure which color would be best, seek the advice of a painter in Marietta. With years of experience, painters have a lot of insight to share.