Building your dream home is not an easy task. Flooring alone comes with numerous options that you could go with. From rugs and carpets to wood or even plank flooring, you’re spoilt for choice on what materials to use for your floor.


Let’s see what plank flooring has to offer.


For starters, plank flooring is generally a great option to go with. It looks great and is popular for all the right reasons such as –


  • Low maintenance is needed.
  • It is durable and water-resistant.
  • It’s relatively affordable.


There are two options here. You could either go with the narrow plank flooring or the much wider varieties. The major difference between them is rather obvious – the size. While wide plank flooring is usually somewhere between 6 and 20 inches, narrow plank floors get to about 2 to 4 inches wide.


Beyond that, they are each better suited for distinct spaces. For instance, wide plank flooring is generally preferred for larger spaces while narrow ones are better for smaller spaces. Either way, the two options are suitable for most homeowners.


However, it seems wide plank flooring takes the crown as they’ve been high on most people’s lists lately.


On that note, should you install wide plank floors in your home?


Wide Plank Flooring – The Better Choice?


While no option can be considered better in all regards, one must be more suited for a particular space. Wide plank flooring truly enhances the natural feel of the floor. It can make a dramatic difference in the look of the room since it has more space for naturalistic details of the wood.


  • Optimize your space

Unlike narrow plank floors that tend to make a room feel rather busy, wide plank floors do the opposite. They make a room feel more open, little wonder they are such a popular choice for smaller rooms. They can also fit into bigger spaces while emphasizing the size. Let’s just say they are versatile and will look great just about anywhere.


  • Style isn’t an issue

Previously, wide plank floors were better suited for traditional homes or spaces with a vintage feel. They still do well in such spaces. However, they’ve become more popular for modern, contemporary homes. Although the shade would have to be much lighter for this to work nicely.


  • A cleaner feel

Not only do narrow plank floors feel busy but also they have more seams or breaks. However, wide plank floors have significantly fewer of these, especially with the larger pieces. This increases the overall feel of openness these wide plank floors are known for.


  • Much easier to work with

It takes far less time to install wide plank floors than narrow plank floors. Although wide planks are more expensive to purchase, narrow plank floors cost more for fitting and installation. You might eventually end up spending less money on the wide plank floors.


It’s common to hear that wide plank floors don’t handle changes in humidity very well. Fortunately, this is an issue that can easily be prevented by using engineered wide plank hardwood flooring that is designed to overcome this problem. They are readily available and have the same great look.


There you have it. A few reasons why you should go with wide plank floors. Go with the natural flow and enjoy fewer restrictions. Be sure to make the rest of the decor match this and you can rest assured of a home that would not look out of place on the pages of Architectural Digest Magazine.