Painting either the exterior or interior of your home can drastically improve its overall appearance. Painting may seem like a simple DIY home improvement task, but before you decide to take on this job yourself, it’s important to know the many components of a quality paint job so that you can decide if you’re better off hiring professional residential painting services in Roswell. Here’s what you need to know.


One thing you need to consider when painting your home is the many tools and materials you’ll need. A quality paint job requires much more than a paintbrush, roller, and bucket of paint. You’ll need paintbrushes of different sizes and possibly a sprayer. The paintbrushes should be of high quality for the best-finished product as well. If you’re doing exterior painting, you’ll need access to a pressure washer. There’s also sandpaper, caulk, painters tape, drop cloths, ladders, and other supplies that you’ll need to purchase. All these supplies can become quite costly, so in many cases, it’s best to hire a painting company that already has all these tools. 


Another thing to consider is all the prep work required for painting. Interior painting requires holes and other damage to the walls to be filled in and then sanded smooth. You’ll also have to remove the light switch and outlet covers, remove light fixtures, and tape around door frames and other areas that you don’t want to be painted. Exterior surfaces require a thorough power washing, and there’s generally repairs that need to be made as well before you can start painting. 

Paint Selection 

Selecting the right paint can be a difficult task because of the numerous finishes, colors, and quality of the different paint options. A professional can help you find the right paint and save you a lot of time trying to make the decision yourself. 

Time Commitment 

Repainting any part of your house is a significant time commitment. Although the painting itself usually doesn’t take long, the prep work can be extensive and often takes much longer than anticipated. If you’re short on time and need the job done in a specific time frame, it’s usually best to contact professional painters that will give you a realistic timeline. This timeline is usually much shorter than what a DIY job requires. 

Home Size 

Painting Supplies The size of your home makes a big difference in how easily you can paint your home. In addition to the number of rooms and their size, you’ll have to consider the height of walls and if ceilings need to be painted as well. Painting vaulted ceilings can be difficult and dangerous without the right tools and experience. In many cases, a larger house or high ceilings require sprayers or other specialty tools to make sure the finished product is high quality. 


Finally, when choosing between professional painters in Roswell and a DIY painting job, the craftsmanship is a very important consideration. Painting might not seem very technical, but you’ll be surprised at the difference between a professional and a DIY project. Experienced painters have developed the skill and muscle memory necessary to make crisp, clean lines and to make sure the finished product is top-notch. Professionals don’t skimp on prep work, which means your new paint will last longer and not be susceptible to flaking or peeling, which often happens with DIY jobs because of improper surface preparation. To schedule your next painting project, contact Fillo Painting today.