Exterior color tends to be quite a bit different than what you would use inside. Inside, muted can be combined with dramatic to create a stark contrast that makes molding pop and draws attention to wall colors. Colors for exterior house painting in Marietta, however, want to stand out, but not make a scene. With that in mind, here are the hottest exterior colors according to several paint manufacturers and painting experts.

Neutral and White with Splashes of Color

Essentially, homeowners are mixing and matching colors for their exterior painting in Marietta. They’re putting neutral colors on trim to accent white or beige siding and then using shutters to make a color statement. White trim with beige siding and bold colored shutters is also popular. The keys to this color palette are to use the home’s decorative pieces, like shutters, to make the statement while using the trim to segue from a neutral color to the pop of the bold. When the vibrant color is used on the front door, the statement becomes very pronounced, drawing the attention of visitors as soon as they pull in the driveway.

Gray Makes a Comeback

Grey has enjoyed popularity through the years, and this year, it’s back on top. Starting a few years ago with interior colors, gray has migrated to the outside as both a paint and siding color. Exterior painters in Marietta are finding a gray exterior matches well with lighter or darker trim and can be used to augment bolder colors on doors and shutters. It can also be used as trim or decorative color to add accent to lighter exterior colors; for instance, grey shutters on a white or beige exterior add a certain grace to the entire endeavor.

Natural Blending of Siding

Homeowners are opting for natural blending with brick and stone colors, including natural wood and wood-colored vinyl siding. While this color scheme can be used with traditional paint, it works better with a textured siding.

Black and White

The contrast of black and white, that is, a white house with black shutters or trim, or black siding with white shutters, help frame a house and set it apart from its neighbors in a distinctive, yet tasteful manner.

Colors for exterior house painting in Marietta often run the gamut when it comes to annual trends. This year is no exception. If you’re planning on painting your home, these color schemes will look classy, yet fun while making your house stand out.