Anybody can brush paint onto a wall, right? Maybe, but not everybody knows how to do a paint job so that it looks good. It’s not uncommon for DIY painters to overlook the hard-to-reach places, including small gaps above doors and between baseboards and molding. Sometimes they even choose the wrong type of paint for the job. Hiring quality residential painters in Marietta can make the difference between a beautifully completed painting project and one that looks unfinished and uncoordinated. In today’s post, we’ll share the importance of quality painting for your home.

Quality Painters Stay on Top of Trends

You decided to paint your home because you wanted a fresh look. If you’re like many homeowners, your first trip to the paint section at your local home improvement store made you feel uncertain and overwhelmed. So many choices! When you work with a quality painting company, you’ll enjoy the benefit of their expertise. They can look at your home, the natural light, and your current décor and help you select colors and patterns that work well together. They won’t recommend popular paint trends from a decade ago. Instead, because they stay informed about current trends, they help you stay current too.

Taking Care of the Prep Work

The prep work is as important as the paint job. Without thorough preparations for new paint, you may end up with paint that doesn’t look like it’s high quality. Further, the paint may not last as long as you’d expect. Prep work includes patching and sanding holes and cracks. You may need carpentry work or rot repairs. When a company offers quality painting services, they will take note of repairs and make suggestions about getting them addressed before applying paint.

Do You Have the Right Painting Tools?

The average homeowner may own a brush and roller, but beyond that, they don’t have the best tools to do a quality paint job. A professional, high-quality painter brings all the right tools to complete the job. They’ll know which roller and brush to use. They’ll know the best way to tape edges. In addition to the tools, they bring expertise. Skilled painters do the kind of work that ensures you won’t need to repaint prematurely. While your amateur skills might work for a small room, you’ll want professional quality for an entire house.

Your Project Finishes on Time

How much time do you have for a DIY paint project? Whether you’re planning to paint the exterior or interior, doing the job yourself could take weeks. Quality painters tell you how long the job will take, and they finish it with the agreed-upon time frame. Sure, delays can happen in the case of unexpected repairs, but a professional knows how to get a job done by the deadline. You can return to your routine in days rather than weeks or months.

Safety on the Job

You might be surprised at the risks people take when painting their homes. When was the last time you climbed up a ladder with a paint tray and roller? A high-quality painting company invests in training, especially in safety. They know all about safety equipment, including the proper use of ladders and scaffolding. Often, they hold certifications as well. Working safely isn’t only about protecting the painters. It’s about protecting the homeowner.

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