Gutters play a big role in keeping your home dry, safe, and comfortable and do not get nearly as much credit for it. They are the parts of our house that we forget about unless we’re hit with some torrential rainstorms. The convenient thing about gutters, though, is that with some yearly cleaning, they can last you for a couple of decades and up to 50 years if they are made from copper. This means you won’t have to worry about replacing them too often. But gutters do not last forever, and you’ll need to learn what signs tell you it’s time for a change.  

Signs to Replace Your Gutters 

There are key things to look out for to know if it is time to replace your gutters. The best way to go about checking to see if everything is still functioning the way they are supposed to is to check your gutters on a sunny day and then check them again on a rainy day. Here is what you should be looking for when you are doing your check: 

Sunny Day Checklist 

  • Peeling paint 
  • Sagging gutters 
  • Loose or broken fasteners 
  • Rust 
  • Separated gutters 
  • Cracks, holes 
  • Seam stress  
  • Rotting wood 
  • Mold, mildew 

Rainy Day Checklist 

  • Pooling water 
  • Eroded landscaping 
  • Flooded basements 
  • Water damage in house 

The main thing is to make sure everything is functioning well with the water moving smoothly and minimal wear and tear on the gutter system.  

To Repair or Replace? 

Once you have made a thorough assessment of your home’s gutter you can determine whether a repair or a replacement is the best option. Smaller issues like a loose gutter can be tackled yourself but if you are dealing with bigger problems like holes or extensive sagging, it’s best to call in a professional to get them replaced.  

You can also take into account the age of your gutters. If they are made of steel or aluminum and getting close to hitting that 20-year mark, some rust spots may be enough to warrant a replacement. This saves you from having to worry about any future damage that old gutters will cause you.  

Maintain Your Gutters Regularly 

Once you have gotten your gutters replaced, it is your job to making sure they make it to their full potential. Regular maintenance can help ensure they last the 20 to 50 years they’re capable of lasting.  

A few things you should make sure to do every year is to clean them in the spring and the fall, making sure to get rid of any leaves or branches that may clog them up or weigh them down. It’s also important to replace any hardware that has gone missing like nails or fasteners.  

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