Paintbrush with white paint on it

When painting occurs in your home, it is understandable why you want to know how to prepare. You may wonder what you should plan ahead of time and what the painters will have ready to go. Having the right expectations when going into this process will make it less stressful for everyone. These are what you should expect from painters before they get started.

Prep the Space

Since there are personal belongings that need to be moved, most people prefer to handle this themselves. This makes it easier to keep track of where things are after the painting is over.

Professional painters at Fillo Painting in Alpharetta, Georgia will come with all the tools and supplies needed to do a good job. This means they’ll have brushes, rollers, sprayers, trays, and drop cloths that will protect the space before beginning a painting project.

Prep the Walls

The painting crew will ensure your walls are ready to be painted over. It doesn’t hurt to help them with the process by dusting and removing any debris such as spiderwebs. They will have the tools needed to scrap, sand, or in cases of outdoor painting, power wash.

When preparing your walls, professional painters will usually begin by removing any debris that protrudes from the walls such as glue, wallpaper or paint. They are looking to create as smooth of a painting surface as possible and will take time to remove any texture.

They will also do their best to fill in holes or grooves in the wall before painting. This can be done using drywall compound and require a few layers to fill.  After this process, they will go over walls with a final bit of sanding to make the surface ready for paint.

In addition to smoothing out walls, painters may also do a bit of cleaning, remove stains, tape over trims in the room, and remove outlet covers. These steps can take a good chunk of time to complete but is especially important for ensuring the paint job isn’t for nothing. Your walls will turn out looking better than ever.

Tasks for You

If you want to make the process easier for painters and yourself the day of painting, you should go through and do what you can to clear the space so they can come and go easily without disrupting your furniture or decorations. This could look like covering your furniture or clearing away cords. You can also do a preliminary cleaning throughout the room and wipe down any dirt and debris.

On the day of painting, make arrangements for bathrooms they can use and keep any pets out of their way. Paint crews usually come with a handful of people so prepare to have two to three or more people coming and going throughout the day. IF it makes it easier for you, you can plan to run errands or stay in a certain area of the house to avoid painting disturbance.

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