If you’re planning on selling your home this year and actually making a good profit, make sure to invest in your home’s curb appeal. Curb appeal includes your landscaping, roof, and—possibly most impactful of all—your home’s exterior color. The right coat of paint can actually make your house look newer, more stylish, and more valuable, all of which add up to a bigger return on your investment. Exterior painting services in Marietta can help you get the most out of your home sale in 2020.

If you’re house is more 10 years old, it will definitely need a clean, new coat of paint before you put it on the market, but even newer homes should optimize their curb appeal with stylish color. Here are some of the best exterior paint colors to help guarantee a sale.

Light Blue

Universally one of the most pleasing and well-liked colors, light blue is a great choice for your house. Try to avoid powdery pastel blue or baby blue. The best way to achieve the right shade is to pick a muted blue that includes shades of gray, tan, or even green. A beautiful blue house will look breezy, light, and youthful, perfect for young professionals and new couples.


Clean, classic, and fresh, white has always been in style and probably always will be. Paint your house a crisp, neutral white to make it look newer and to cover up flaws such as chipped paint or uneven siding. White walls can even make your house look larger than it is. You can paint old wooden shudders white, paint over brick that’s too orange or shows signs of damage, or even paint white over vinyl cladding to make it look more like real wood.


New home builders love gray for both interiors and exteriors because they know that it sells. Gray is just neutral enough to appeal to all palettes—young and old, modern and traditional, etc.—but it’s still interesting enough to catch the eye. Shades of gray that include a little blue or red will look unique and contemporary. Professional painting services often recommend gray because it makes other features, such as iron railings and wooden decks, look more sophisticated.


Light yellow houseA modern, muted yellow is one of the best color choices if you want to make your house look newer than it is. Whether your home looks like a plain ranch house, a retro abode, or something clearly straight from the 1980s, yellow can cover up outdated features and make a house look perfect for a young market. Professional painting services can help you select the right shade of yellow for your house and apply it with the right finish so it stands out but isn’t too bright.

Deep Green

Deep green is mature, sophisticated, and always surprising, and it’s an excellent color choice for home exterior painting. It has an intense character that’s bold but sure to catch the eye. An added benefit of green paint is that it makes your landscaping look healthier and more vibrant. Deep green works on just about any architectural style, so you can’t go wrong with this look.

All you need to know now is who to hire for exterior painting. Fillo Painting Contractors is one of the most experienced and best-reviewed residential painters in Marietta. Call us to give your home better curb appeal that will truly wow potential buyers.