RedHuman beings are generally visually oriented. Because people rely on their vision for so much, it should come as no surprise that the color of a space can change a person’s mood and emotional state. It’s one reason McDonald’s used yellow and red in its interiors in the 1980s; they wanted people to come in, get their food, and leave. The longer people sat in the restaurant, the more revenue the company lost. At least, that was the thought at the time. Additionally, red is stimulating, increasing your heart rate, and therefore, stimulating your appetite, while yellow is associated with happiness and is the most visible color in daylight, making those trademark golden arches easy to spot.

If you’re looking at painting your conference room, the color you choose could change the productivity and face of your business. Read on to learn about some popular color choices from Fillo Painting, a top commercial painting company in Atlanta.

Improve Mental Energy

Yellow improves mental and muscle energy. It can provide you with an advantage in negotiations and works well for selling high-end products. Yellow helps inspire creativity and joy.

Using red as an accent color will help increase intensity and encourage people to leave with a to-do list. It also may spark passion and heated discussions.

Orange is a good compromise between the two colors. It’s warm without being too intense. It inspires creativity and joy. For teamwork and high-level decision-making, orange is the perfect color.

Increase Loyalty

Because blue inspires loyalty and trust, a conference room painted in this color is the best place to meet with potential clients. Blue’s tranquility also lends itself well to creative endeavors like brainstorming. A room painted blue is also the best place to work on the company’s mission statement as it inspires intelligence and faith.

Encourage Honesty

For honest conversations and feedback, green is an appropriate color. Green carries with it the idea of growth and serenity. Because it’s associated with nature, you can expect people to be more interested in development. The peaceful aura will help increase the ability to deal with difficult subjects.

Impress Your Clients

PurplePurple is the color of royalty. Its cultural connotations transfer the power of royalty to your company’s representatives when meeting with clients for negotiations. Purple also inspires creativity and creates a space that’s great for producing new and surprising ideas to move your business forward. Of course, these color recommendations are just a small portion of what you can get from your conference room when it’s painted correctly.

The Color You Choose

Regardless of the color you choose, you need your conference room to be a place that people are interested in visiting. It needs to be comfortable so that employees don’t dread company meetings and clients are impressed while also feeling like your company is a place where they can do business. Outfitting your conference room in a way that makes the most sense for you and your needs takes the expertise of someone who knows what they are doing. By hiring a professional painting company to help you make the right choices for the space you need painted, you’ll be sure to get the input you need on your office space. A professional can give you a better idea of how colors interact and are perceived by people. To repaint a commercial building in Atlanta, contact Fillo Painting and schedule a time to get a quote on the job you need done.