Painting the exterior of your home has a tremendous impact on your curb appeal. Great curb appeal can make your house more valuable, more inviting, and more beautiful. Thankfully, you can enlist the help of exterior painting services in Alpharetta to improve your home with a dose of color.

Let the following guide inspire your home color design. These are some of the best paint colors for home exteriors in 2020.

Many Shades of Blue

Blue is one of the few colors that can be combined in several different shades without clashing. So, take advantage of one of the most universally pleasing colors and paint your house in many shades of blue. Paint the exterior walls a light, muted blue, and combine it with navy blue accents. Use a medium gray-blue to draw the eye toward architectural features like columns, arches, roof eaves, window frames, and more. The combination of blues will look incredibly appealing and welcoming, so your house will make you seem like the friendliest family on the block. Rely on professional house painters to mix precise shades of blue so that you get the right amount of contrast and to handle the precision work of painting accents.

Concrete Gray

Contemporary architecture gives homes a raw and more industrial look as if your home is made from fine materials. If you want to achieve this trendy look without moving into a newly constructed home, use color to achieve this look. Paint your walls concrete gray for a cool and modern look that can modernize an older home. The look will feel even more genuine if you stain wooden surfaces like your deck and porch railing with a natural finish.


Yellow is a bold and eccentric color choice when you select the right shade. And, it can actually be trendy and appealing. Look for a creamy, matte shade of yellow that has a more earthy quality to it. Yellow has a bright and attractive energy that’s sure to impress. Just try to avoid an overly acidic or pastel shade of yellow, both of which can actually make your house an eyesore. Are you apprehensive about going so bold? Try staining your house with a natural wood shade and then paint accents like window shutters and your front door yellow. You’ll still achieve a youthful look without going overboard. Search for “painters near me” to find a local house painter that can help you achieve the best look with this bright and positive color choice.

Royal Purple

A color once reserved for Victorian homes – royal purple is now a must-have for home painting projects everywhere. It’s surprisingly versatile and has just enough energy to inject a flat and dull house with much-needed personality. Royal purples, like Benjamin Moore Shadow, is a rich gray-purple that has a regal quality and enough boldness to leave an impact. It’s a great accent color with plenty of depth that can make your home’s best exterior features stand out. Use it to highlight a long or concealed entryway, so your front door catches the eye.

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