tools used for interior painting with current paint trends

There’s a reason fall is a season favorite: pumpkin spice, apple candles, homemade pie, cascading leaves, crisp football games, impending holiday excitement. Fall promises change while stirring up excitement for the coming holidays and winter months. This season’s paint trends reflect what we love about the season–tradition, rustic styles, outdoor adventures– with a modern flair.

Painting this fall gives your home the affordable, seasonal refresh it needs to help prepare and endure the coming winter months. Take a look at the latest interior paint trends this season:

Deep, Rich Hues

To create a cozy interior fall ambience in your home, consider painting your walls with deep, rich hues like burgundy, hunter green, or navy blue. Not only will these colors make your space feel warm and inviting, but they’ll also help create a sense of coziness and intimacy that outlasts seasonal styles. While deep hues work all year long, fall is the perfect season to show off a moody wall–it’ll compliment the fall leaves outside and envelop you with a sense of warmth as the temperatures start to drop.

Neutral Tones

Another popular trend for fall is painting your walls with neutral, earthy tones. Autumn is the perfect time to fall in love with the Scandinavian lifestyle trend Hygge–a philosophy that promotes delighting in the simple pleasures in life, like chocolate, a warm fire, a cozy blanket, and soothing conversation with loved ones. These natural colors invoke a calming, inviting, and grounding atmosphere. Add a deliciously soft throw blanket to your couch and light a candle for the full effect!

Accent Walls

Accent walls are another favorite fall paint trend. This season, bring your walls to life with a pop of color. Painting a deep, earthy, or jewel-toned accent wall is an easy way to add dimension and interest to any room.

If you find yourself overwhelmed by the idea of a bold accent wall, consider a more subtle color, like gray, off-white, or soft charcoal. You can also liven up a natural tone with board and batten. It’s a quick, affordable project with endless design opportunities.

Pale Hues

Contrast bold fall colors–dark yellow, bright orange, deep plum–with a pale tone on your walls. Light pink or pale purple could be the perfect background hue for your fall decorations. Pale hues can also be dressed up with brighter curtains, fun light fixtures, or floating shelf displays.

Bold Door Frames

If you’re getting bored with your paint but don’t know how to liven up the space, consider a bold door frame. This season’s top door frame colors are hunter green, black, deep plum, and navy blue. These colors will add a pop of interest to any room and can easily be paired with your wall color for a cohesive look.

Black and White

If you love the bold change of color in fall leaves and the rustic style in fall but want to keep your home looking modern and fresh, black and white paint can do the trick. Black and white schemes work great both on the interior and exterior of your home. Painting your home white with black trim immediately gives it more curb appeal while adding a touch of sophistication. You can always bring in the whimsy of fall with a colorful wreath on the door or a series of playful potted plants on the walkway.

Even in your living room or kitchen, a black and white color scheme can work with the right accessories. Painting the walls of your home white and giving your cabinets a makeover with black paint creates dimension while giving in to a modern style.

Level Up Your Favorite Paint Trend with Fillo Painting

Whether you want to indulge in this season’s paint trends on the exterior or interior of your home, Fillo Painting can help turn your vision into a reality. We’ll work with you to find the perfect colors, finishes, and styles to turn your home into a picturesque haven this fall. Request a quote today!