When it comes to painting a home, many people think about getting their friends together on a weekend, having a barbeque or ordering pizza, and having them do the work. It’s a nice excuse to get together and enjoy each other’s company, and it helps the person who owns the home save some money, at least in the short term. However, at Fillo Painting Contractors in Roswell, GA, we have seen firsthand why people should hire professional paint contractors in Roswell.

Get Prepared

Professional painters know how painting a home should be done. The first part is to always prepare the home for the paint. That means scraping off the old paint, and, depending on the age of the paint, this could be the hazardous part of the job. There are still homes that have paint with lead in it. If this is the case with your home, and you may or may not know for sure if it is, a professional painter will know the best way to remove the paint. In some cases, it may be better not to disturb the paint.

Get Guaranteed

Almost any painting company in Roswell is going to offer some sort of guarantee on its work. You can’t get this from your friends. A guarantee may cover your home’s paint job for 5 or more years. If something is done wrong, you have some place you can go to get it made right. This, however, isn’t the only guarantee you get with a good company. Most licensed and bonded painting contractors also carry their own insurance. If a worker is injured on your property, or the company damages it or damages your neighbor’s property, their insurance will cover it, not your homeowner’s insurance. Otherwise, you’re on the hook for the damages and injuries that may occur during the painting party.

Get Time

Having your friends paint your home might seem like a good way to get together and have fun, but there are plenty of other ways to bond without using your friends as free labor. Besides, for residential painting in Roswell, a professional will get the job done faster. You can take the time that you save and have a straight-up barbeque where no one is being taken advantage of or getting paint on his or her clothes or in their hair. Your windows will remain paint free, and you will get a fantastic paint job in the bargain. Schedule the barbeque for after the paint job is completed, and you will also get the admiration of your friends.