If your home gets hot during the summer, you could blame ambient air temperatures and exposure to the sun. Of course, blaming something isn’t the same as recognizing the problem and finding a solution. If you have recognized exposure to the sun as a problem contributing to the heat levels in your home, you are prepared to do something about it. At Fillo Painting in Roswell, GA, we understand that you want to save money and have a comfortable home. You could spend money to upgrade, maintain, and use a better air conditioner, or you could paint your roof white.

Decrease Heat Levels

Dark colors absorb heat energy and often have problems emitting it back out again. Most shingles are made of black tar and are the best at absorbing and keeping heat in, which isn’t good for your home. The color white reflects the sun’s energy. Your roof becomes more resilient, will last longer, and will contribute less to the overall heat index of your home and the surrounding neighborhood.

Decrease Energy Use

If you have an air conditioner to keep your home cooler, it’s working harder than it has to. That means it’s using more energy and decreasing its lifespan. With a white roof, your AC won’t have to work as hard, which will save you money on your energy bills and increase the number of years your AC works properly.

Decrease Global Impact

One of the reasons why glaciers are important is because they reflect the sun’s energy back into space, which keeps the planet cooler. House painting contractors in Roswell, GAknow that painting roofs white can have the same effect while making homes more energy efficient in the summer and making cities more livable as their overall heat index declines because buildings are absorbing and maintaining less heat during the summer months. It also helps to know that such a cost-effective solution for several problems is within reach of almost every budget.