Just Another Floor

Whether you’re finally settling into the home of your dreams, or you caught the urge to beautify your existing home, professional painters in Atlanta are nearly waiting in line to give you the garage floor that you didn’t know you always wanted. Painted floors are both protective and attractive. The benefits will be many if you use your garage to work on cars, do woodwork, or are simply a person who enjoys a neat and tidy look to their garage. Your garage floor represents a significant investment in your total home, and nothing beats the feeling of security you will gain knowing your garage floor is going to last a very long time.

Car People

Most contractors that offer residential painting services in Atlanta will be able to finish your garage floor relatively quickly. Every car needs an array of fluids to run and function correctly. Some of those fluids such as brake fluid can be highly corrosive. If accidentally spilled or dripped on paint, fluids can either remove the paint or leave it hopelessly stained. Epoxy garage floor coatings will not only beautify your floor but will add bullet-proof protection against fluids. Epoxies by design are chemically resistant. Any necessary fluid in a car or truck cannot damage a cured epoxy finish. Epoxy is also highly impact-resistant. If applied and allowed to cure properly, a dropped wrench or heavy car part will not chip or otherwise mar the surface.


It’s difficult to imagine any wood-working hobby that does not produce dust. Even with power dust collectors, fine wood dust will always become airborne, and what goes up, must come down. An unpainted garage floor with its many crevasses will collect that dust and make clean-up extremely difficult. That dust may not seem like an issue until it is time to add coatings to cabinets or other projects, including cars. Dust that becomes airborne again during this process can destroy a clear or painted finish.


Concrete is susceptible to moisture damage no matter where you live. Concrete sucks-in water like a sponge. When the temperature outside rises, the cooler concrete will attract subtle condensation that will slowly seep deep into the slab. Painters in Atlanta, will grind your floor and make it ready to accept the coating, dry the floor, and finally apply a finish that will help it last much longer than an uncoated garage floor.


Once you finish that show car, you’ll want to show it off to friends, family and neighbors. It would be a shame if all your hard work sat parked on a greasy, spotted floor that attracted moisture which in turn could cause premature rusting.