On any day of the summer, you might have hurried back into the house and the comfortable air conditioning after getting the mail. But now that fall has rolled around, you’re taking a closer look at things. It’s almost time to put up Christmas lights. What will the tree look like in the window this year? How do you want to present your home this holiday season? Will your tree be framed by a window with cracked paint or will it be accented by a fresh coat? Should peeling and faded paint greet your family and friends? Fall is the perfect time for house painting in Canton, GA.


The biggest factor for any house painting contractors in Canton is the weather. Paint products don’t play well with excessive heat and moisture. Paint that dries too quickly in the hot summer sun can trap the still-wet product underneath, which can lead to bubbling and a lack of adhesion. Too much humidity in the air can hinder the paint’s ability to dry correctly. This process is call coalescence. During coalescence, the water must evaporate out of the paint film and the remaining solids must come together to form consistent film build and color. Paint that didn’t coalesce properly can have uneven color and an inconsistent sheen. It may fade and become chalky prematurely and, in some cases, peel away from the substrate.


Spiders and ants don’t paint, they only get painted. In fall, most of these pests are gone and will no longer be seen running along your siding, covered in paint, destined to be a tiny spec that will lead to a peeling spot. The flying pests have also had their day in the sun and no longer show up to sting, bite, or generally irritate the painters.

Quality Work

What happens when a painter isn’t suffering in the heat, isn’t being harassed by insects or worried about the weather? You, the consumer enjoys a quality paint job. If you’d like to learn more, visit our website at fillopainting.com.