What Your Home Color Says about You

Are you the bold, outspoken, adventurous type? If you are, then you probably gravitate towards rich, bright, and bold colors. If you’re like most of the rest of the people in the country, then you most likely prefer a clean, manageable neutral color for the exterior of your home. Neutral colors wear much better in the elements than bold and rich colors. Neutral colors also blend well with other architectural necessities on your home such as aluminum wraps, gutters, brick and rooftops. Neutral-colored exterior homes are also easier to sell and buy.

The Weather

Exterior painters in Atlanta will apply any color you’d like on the exterior of your home, but certain applications will cost more, and not last as long as you would like. For instance, if you chose red, you might have the boldest house in the neighborhood, but because it’s red, you’ll need more coats that will take more time and more product. It will also eventually turn pink where it is exposed to direct sunlight. Other dark and vibrant colors utilizing transparent colorants will perform similarly, as well as draw more heat from the sun which will make the home warmer. Neutral colors react to the sun better due to the way they reflect more ultraviolet light, and help keep the home cooler in the hot months.


Other features of your home such as roofs, aluminum wraps around window and doors, soffits, and fascia are available in stock colors that are mostly neutral in origin. Any aluminum or vinyl feature is able to be coated by painters in Atlanta after sufficient prep work, but once a substrate is painted, it’s subject to more maintenance in the future.

Selling Your Home

Perspective buyers like to picture themselves in their potentially new home. Most have their own decorating ideas and like to tweak their homes according to their own tastes. A neutral color pallet gives the illusion of a blank canvas, ready for the new owner’s finishing touches. A bold, bright exterior will appear to be one more job that has to be tackled before they move-in.