The standard wooden fence doesn’t offer much in the way of aesthetic appeal, especially after it’s aged a little due to weathering and lost its original luster. While an aging wooden fence isn’t necessarily an eyesore in most cases, it’s appearance can be boring and mundane. Fortunately, there’s a way you can improve the appearance of your fence by hiring painters in Marietta to help you apply creative paint concepts to your fence.

When you think of a wooden fence, it’s not hard to see how it can function as an expansive canvas that can be transformational in conveying a new style in your backyard. Whether you want to get creative with art that you designed or simply want to create texture and patterns on your residential fence, paint can help you make it happen. Keep reading for a few ideas that can help you spruce up your wooden fence.

Go Rainbow

The vertical, consistently sized fence planks that make up the average wood fence aren’t tremendously interesting. In fact, they can be quite repetitive. Why not break up the monotony by painting each plank a different color of the rainbow. You can paint boards in the order of the color spectrum from red through blue shades, or you can be completely random and just put colors where you think they belong. You can also create an alternating pattern of colors from plank to plank to add interest.

Paint Flora and Fauna

Flowers are a popular subject for fence art, but there’s more to the flora than petals and bright colors. While huge flowers can make beautiful displays on the canvas of a wooden fence, even a simple design such as monochrome tangling vines or a silhouetted Tree of Life design can be beautiful in the right context. You may also want to get wild by incorporating some of the local wildlife into your artistic renderings. Common subjects of animal fence art include dragonflies, butterflies, hummingbirds, frogs, snakes, and turtles.

Find a Pattern

The vertical planks of your wood fence may not be that interesting by themselves, but you can change that by painting a pattern of your own creation on the fence. For example, paint a section in checkboard, herringbone, or houndstooth to break up the monotony and create a visual anchor around which you can design other landscaping and hardscaping elements. You can make a stencil out of a piece of plywood. Style it after an elaborate iron gate, intricate lattice, or Old World wrought iron railings. Along with your favorite spray paint, you can use the stencil to easily create a seemingly complex visual pattern that will add character to your fence.

Make Music

If you or someone in your family is a musician, you could create a tribute to musical talent through fence painting. A wooden plank fence resembles a piano keyboard if you look at it creatively. Why not take advantage by painting the individual planks black and white to resemble piano keys? You could also take a few measures from your favorite song and paint the bars on the fence like sheet music. You could even incorporate the lyrics to let the rest of the world in on your musical secret.

Let the Kids Go Crazy

For an experience that your kids will never forget, why not choose a few of your favorite paint colors and let your kids create their own personal masterpieces on the open canvas of the fence? Give them a few ground rules, and then let them put their creativity to work for you. They’ll have a blast, and you’ll get colorful original artwork that will serve as a springboard to find memories for you and your children for years to come.

Exterior painting in Marietta doesn’t have to be boring, as you can create your own personal art gallery in the backyard with your wooden fence as the canvas. The paint will protect the wood and extend its lifespan, and you’ll also get a unique aesthetic in your yard that perfectly matches your style. To learn more ideas for sprucing up your wooden fence with paint, contact Fillo Painting at (770) 407-5121.