It’s That Time Again

Form some people, the realization that it’s time again to paint the exterior of their home is a grim one at best. Whether the last coat was improperly applied, the paint was low-quality, Mother Nature took a hard toll, or the paint simply has come to the end of its life expectancy, the time has come. This time around, look at the situation as an opportunity to try something new such as a two-tone color scheme.

Does Two Colors Include the Trim?

The short answer is yes. The color of the trim on your home may seem inconsequential but picture the scenario where the trim is the same color as your siding. A monochromatic home lacks character and charm. An accent trim color such as white will accentuate just about any color in the rainbow besides white itself. The trim includes the soffit, fascia, window trim, and gutters. Be prepared, because painting the trim on your home a complementary color means more labor for your painter, whether that painter is you, or you hired exterior painters in Alpharetta.

Where to Paint Two Colors

If you choose to paint your home’s siding two different colors, use natural breaks in the construction to help determine where to start and stop the colors. House painting contractors have seen this sort of thing often enough that they can help you with the decision. Most often, the lower portion of the home will be the darker of the two colors, but this is not a hard and fast rule.

What Colors Should You Choose?

Aside from home neighborhood home owner organizations, the colors to choose for the painter to apply to your home is a matter of personal preference. Things to consider are the style and date your home was built. If for instance you own a Victorian home, bright and bold colors work well to accentuate the architecture. If you have a more traditional ranch style home in the country, earth tones might be more agreeable to the overall property ambiance. Don’t forget your favorite sports team. What better way to show your allegiance than to paint your house in team colors?