If you want to design the perfect living room, one that balances comfort with elegance, formality with being inviting, and trendy style with your personal tastes, you should know that great style starts with home interior painting. Here are 5 of the best color schemes to use in your living room. Hire professional interior painting in Canton, GA, so you can see these colors shine at their richest and best.

– Make a formal space look unique and exciting with jade green wall paint. Formal colors like black, the brown of real wooden furniture, and elegant white will pop and look exciting and fresh against a rich, green background instead of looking stale and old-fashioned.

– Make your entire living room look warm and neutral with a deep tan paint color. When applied by interior painting contractors, the look will be inviting and glossy instead of flat and dusty. Tan, when paired with other warm colors like red and beige, will make your living room look traditional and effortlessly comfortable, like sitting by a fire or enjoying comfort food.

– Try a more lived-in version of the contemporary white living space with cream walls. The hints of brown and gray in the paint will break down the blank and lifeless sensation that many people complain about when referring to minimalist or contemporary spaces. Cream will make your home look a tad more neutral, which, as stated above, creates instant comfort.

– If you are going to hire professional interior house painting in Canton, GA, for any reason, hire them to apply dark and saturated hues like grey and plum. Amateur painters will make these colors look heavy and flat, which will shrink the appearance of a room and make it look stale. When professionally applied, grey and plum are the perfect backdrop for art collections, draperies, cozy furniture, and midcentury modern pieces made of glass or Lucite.

– Go classic with silver-white walls, which will look clean and elegant in any space. With hints of light blue, this color will act as the perfect backdrop for elegant affairs or cozy movie nights, making it perfectly flexible. This color can modernize antiques, make flea market finds look fresh from the gallery, and will highlight architectural details of the space, including wainscoting, molding, and mantels.

If you want to give one of these looks a try or have a specific living room design in mind, get in touch with a contractor in your area for high-quality interior painting in Canton, GA. Pro painters can update your living room with a fresh, balanced coat of paint, the perfect set for building your dream living space.