Painting in the winter may not always be the ideal time. It is cold, which is a detriment to you, and wet, which is detrimental to the paint. Still, if the building exterior needs a paint job, you probably shouldn’t wait until summer to get it done. Paint is one of the ways that your home and business are protected from the elements. If you are painting your building in the winter, you’ll need to keep some tips in mind.

When you are planning, you want to make sure that your paint can withstand colder temperatures. Some paints you can apply at a temperature as low as 37 degrees. Even with this concession, you need to allow extra time for the paint to dry before applying a second coat to finish the job.

Watching the weather forecast may be the best tip available. While the weather forecasters may get it wrong, you should only plan on painting when the weather is going to be dry and sunny. When the day comes, you want to follow the sun around the building. This will allow the paint the benefit of longer sun exposure while also helping you to keep warm while you are outside. You’ll also get the added benefit of additional vitamin D!

You can always take the worry out of painting by hiring a professional to do the job. They will have the right tools and be able to apply their experience while keeping your building looking beautiful.

At Fillo Painting, we know that your home or business building is important to you. It is likely your most expensive investment, and you want to protect it. When we schedule an appointment to talk about a painting contract, we arrive on time. The same happens when we schedule a painting job. Our employees will arrive at the appointed time, and they will do the job well with a smile! Contact us and find out how we can help make sure the exterior of your building is protected from the elements, even in the winter! We look forward to keeping your home or business looking good.