Painting your house is one of the best ways to make it look newer, feel more welcoming, increase its value, or even just change things up. But it helps to see out color inspiration before you hire exterior painting in Roswell, GA. So look to the following colors. Even if you don’t think you have an eye for design, you can’t go wrong with any of these. Here are some of the most versatile, classic, and attractive paint colors for home exteriors–colors you won’t regret painting your house.


Light brown neutrals are often seen as a boring paint color, but that rule only applies indoors. For home exteriors, light brown paint colors like tan, khaki, and beige are handsome colors, especially on wood cladding. It has an earthy and welcoming tone that looks beautiful alongside a well-tended landscape. Exterior painters can choose a dark contrast color like chocolate brown or forest green. Apply this dark color around windows, doors, your garage, and your roof to emphasize the welcoming light tones of tan paint and also give your house a more prominent shape.

Light Grey

One of the most popular families of paint colors out there today, light grey shades of all kinds are popular both indoors and out. Ask your local painting company to recommend a shade of light grey for your home exterior, including an earthy pebble grey, masculine blue-grey, or even a clay-like green-grey to give your house modern sophistication. Is your home aging anything but gracefully? Light grey is one of the best colors for modernizing older homes. It suits just about any older architectural style, including ranch homes, rustic, and more. Pair it with white trim for great curb appeal, or go bold with navy blue or black accents.


Red house paint has long been a staple of rural living. Against long expanses and green landscapes, red paint gave buildings like houses, barns, and lighthouses better visibility. While this may not be a necessity for suburban living, red paint still has that same classic charm of old. Try a masonry red with powdery, brown tones, or a muted red-gray for a touch of modernity. Painting a house red can be tricky, so always rely on exterior painting services to ensure you get the right shade, a proper mix, and a good finish–all of which are essential to a great-looking result.

Dark Gray

Cool and contemporary, dark gray paint is a great way to inverse the average painting approach of using light colors on walls and dark colors to highlight architectural accents. Paint your walls dark gray and use white or very light blue accent paint for eye-catching curb appeal. Charcoal is moody and intense, while stormy navy gray has a unique energy. Just about any home can be improved with a coat of dark gray paint. In fact, it’s a great choice for painting over dated brick and mortar walls or siding.

Forest Green

This may seem like an odd color choice, but it’s actually not as adventurous in application as you’d expect. Forest green paint lends a rustic charm to homes that still feels contemporary, making it one of the most versatile options for exterior home paint. The deep green hue will emphasize the greenery in your yard, making even lightly maintained yards look lush and elegant. If you want to paint your house something unique and different without off-putting any eyes, forest gray is the color for you.

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