Most homeowners paint the interior and exterior of their home at least a few times over the years. But how do you pick the best professional for the job? You need someone who is responsible, experienced, and affordable. Here’s some information you’ll need to make the most informed choice when hiring a painter for your home.

Know Your Options

There are several different kinds of professional painters in AlpharettaYou can decide what type of company you want to hire, but that often depends on the type of work you need to have done.

If you want to save money on your project, consider hiring a local handyman or mom-and-pop family business. These painters can generally save you money, but keep in mind that they may or may not have all the tools and equipment your project requires. You may decide to go this route because you’d rather support your local economy than a big chain.

If you do decide to go for a commercial company, chances are they have a lot of experience. These places may come with guarantees or warranties, and often have large crews to get the work done quickly.

These options may work for general painting, but if you’re looking for a specific paint technique or finish, you may want to hire a specialty or decorative painter. These professionals can deliver textured walls or big, beautiful murals. If you want a look that’s super unique, consider hiring a painter that’s well-versed in that field.

Make Sure They’re Qualified

When hiring professionals, make sure that they’re qualified for the job. Verify that they have proof of insurance and can ensure a job well done. Ask for references from satisfied customers and find out if they specialize in newer or older homes.

Make sure they’re prepared to handle any lead paint or dust that may be released during the project, and ensure that they’re familiar with any relevant EPA or OSHA regulations. Also, make sure they’re prepared to follow any regulations your county, city, or homeowners’ association may have regarding home renovations.

Local paint contractors in Alpharetta can make your dreams a reality and help you enjoy a freshly painted home with very little work or hassle.