Are you ready to give your home a fresh look for 2020? Experts of exterior painting in Woodstock hear all of their clients’ requests, and they’ve noticed a trend in colors that people love this year. These are some of the most popular home exterior paint colors and tips on how to design with them.

Brick Red

Do you want the warmth, classic appeal, and style of brick without having to replace your siding? Brick red paint is an excellent color choice. A warm red-brown, this paint color looks similar to brick but without that pesky mortar that can chip and host pests. For best results, use light gray-white as an exterior accent color around your windows and door to imitate the look of mortar.

Many house painting experts are noticing an uptick in requests for colors like these that mimic the color of different material without having to commit to buying a house constructed with that material.

Stone Gray

Cool, inviting, stylish, modern, and elegant all at once, natural stone is one of the most high-end building materials that you could select for your home. But constructing home exterior walls out of custom stone would be incredibly expensive. Do you want to imitate the elegance of stone without having to pay an arm and a leg? Paint any other home exterior cladding a cool stone gray to give your house a luxurious look once only reserved for historic structures.

Stone gray is a balanced, medium gray that includes cool notes of blue and silver. It’s easy to match with and can actually make your landscaping look greener.


Beige may be a dull color choice for your home exterior, but tan, its slightly more yellow and saturated cousin, has that same neutral look. Tan is one of the most versatile home exterior paint colors, so it’s easy to see why it’s so popular in 2020. It matches with just about every other color that you can think of–besides other light browns, which would clash–so it’s a great choice no matter your cladding or roof material.

If you work with local paint contractors, ask them to help to select a shade of tan that has character, even containing subtle notes of other colors like green. In the wrong hands, tan can look about as dull as beige, so make sure you work with the best house painters in your area.

Frosty White

White has long been a favorite accent color for home exteriors, especially when gray exploded as a popular color just about everywhere in modern homes. But a plain, simple white can be dull. At the very least, it may be too common. Look around your neighborhood, and you might see white accent paint around many roof eaves, windows, porches, and patios.

That’s where a frosty, gray-blue white comes in. This variation on plain white is more interesting, containing subtle secondary colors that can emphasize the character in your dominant exterior paint color. Because it’s unique and different, it can even modernize your home if it has a traditional character.

Call Fillo Painting to discuss these color trends or any exterior paint color that you’d love to try. We are the most popular exterior painters in Woodstock and will gladly help you decide on a new color scheme for your home exterior, then paint your house with excellent, long-lasting results.