Your home’s exterior paint sets the tone for what’s inside. Whether you are traditional and elegant in your style tastes or prefer a youthful and eclectic approach to modern styles, exterior paint says plenty about your home’s character, and therefore your own sense of taste. Home painting services in Atlanta can help you express what you want to show off to the community.

Of course, your house must have some type of paint on it already if you’re living in it. But what condition is the paint in? A home painting company can perform the important work of replacing your exterior paint. Here are a few common problems that can show in your paint and their likely causes, as well as what can be done to fix these problems.

Alligatoring: Reptile-like scales start to appear in your exterior paint. If your home exterior was painted with an oil-based product, alligatoring can occur as it ages, especially as temperatures fluctuate from hot to cold.

Blistering: Bubbles that appear to form under the paint. This is likely the result of prolonged exposure to moisture or interior moisture leaking out.

Chalking: Fine powder or dust appears to form on top of your paint. This can be caused by the use of interior paint outdoors, which is not appropriate, or if an alkyd-based coating was used in an area that gets full sun.

Cracking: Cracks that show in the paint, causing pieces of hardened paint to fall off. This is usually caused by poor house painting, using thin paint, or painting over too many layers of color without priming.

Fading: Color that appears to fade, lighten, or otherwise change. This is caused by direct hot sunlight, and the use of exterior paint that is not UV resistant. Certain colors, like orange and yellow, are also vulnerable to fading in the sunlight.

Peeling: Layers of paint seem to peel off, exposing what’s underneath. Some house painting contractors may have painted your walls without applying primer, or they painted over mildew.

Tannin Staining: Streaks of color from natural wood that mix into the paint that was applied over it. Unfortunately, this can happen over time when you apply good paint over high-quality wood. It simply needs to be repainted.

All of the above problems can negatively affect the appearance, value, and character of your home. In order to protect all 3, it is important to hire home painting services in Atlanta to prepare, prime, paint, and finish your home’s exterior.