You took care of all your spring cleaning and now it’s time to paint. But what colors will you choose? What’s hot this summer and what’s not? Painting contractors in Alpharetta, GA, can assist you, as well as other sources.

A quick read through current women’s and decorating magazines will give you lots of ideas.  Look for colors repeated in several magazines and the treatment of the color in the walls and furnishings.

This year, colors of sherbet, such as pale oranges, yellows, and blues are seen repeatedly.  Any one of these alone brighten walls. Easy ways to fill out the palette in the room are using throw pillows, chair pads and art work.  If you paint a pale shade of any one of these sherbet colors on walls, you can brighten up the look with accessories in darker shades.

A palette that is hot this summer is green. Look to your garden for inspiration. Green shows up in the garden in many shades. Many of these greens are painted in rooms in various ways. Green fern shapes are stenciled on walls in one summer display. The room is complemented with a green pattern on chair upholstery and decorative pottery on shelves.

Another summer theme is patriotic. Red, white, and blue walls used throughout a home creates the familiar atmosphere, but you can make it unique by personalizing to your family in accessories.

A summer theme seen in decorating magazines this year, comes from the colors of the ocean and beaches. Shades of blue and green are very restful in a home. These colors are perked up with hot pink or hot orange accent pieces, to introduce some energy into the scene. Blues and greens are colors that also bridge summer into Fall and Winter seasons, making your wall color choices adaptable to the rest of the year.

Simply said, the hottest colors of summer this year, are the colors you see around you in summer.  Consulting a decorating and painting professional contractor will provide additional input on summer colors for your home.