Neutrals, pastels, brights, patterns, textures…what are the right painting trends for your home? Get these colors (or an appropriate variation) that will look amazing, fresh, and classic in your home in Canton.


One of the hottest up-and-coming colors for 2016 is actually a “cool” shade: lavender. Surprised? Don’t be. Lavender is very calming, soothing, and versatile. It can recall soft sunsets, relaxing spa treatments, or spring season fragrances and flowers.

How to use it: Lavender will work great in a bathroom or a bedroom, where soft and soothing colors are a must. Pair this light and fluffy color with deep and warm shades, like dark espresso wood furniture. Keep other décor in the room light and neutral, like white trim, white flowers, or touches of greenery.

Deep Plum

Staying with the purple theme, if a spring-like lavender isn’t for you, then maybe a richer plum is! It still has the soothing qualities of purple, but with richer, warmer undertones. Purple is more adventurous than your typical neutral whites, grays, and beiges, but it still is a very easy color to look at every day.

How to use it: Plum is relaxing, yet subtly energizing and welcoming. It would be perfect for an entryway, an office, or a bedroom. Avoid using it in too large of a space like a great room, as it could feel oppressive. Maybe just paint an accent wall!

Milky Blue

Another cool color that is popular this year is a pale but dusky blue. Think of grayish blue clouds right after a storm has passed. Then imagine having that same relaxing aura in your living room! A cloudy, dusky blue is close enough to grey that it’s almost neutral, but it’s still a bit more adventurous! You can stay pretty light or go for a deeper blue.

How to use it: bring out the blue in this subtle color by using a pop of a warm, bright color. Try placing some orange or peach pillows or flowers in the room which will not only brighten the room but bring out the pretty blue of the walls. This blue would look fabulous in any and all rooms of the house! It also pops against black and white furniture or printed upholstery.

Jewel Tones

Jewel tones are a popular update because they really allow you to be creative. Some popular colors include ruby red, deep teal, jungle green, rose pink, or tropical aqua. Really, you could choose any color that you would love to wear on a ring!

How to use it: If you’ve previously done a lot of decorating with neutral colors, then this is the perfect update for you. Add some jewel-toned walls and your home will feel instantly fresh and bright. Try painting an accent wall a bright citrus yellow, or orange, or green. With just one wall painted, suddenly the rest of your furniture seems brighter and you can choose a few pillow covers or throw blankets to match.


White is always a classic and never goes out of style. The best thing about white walls is that you can easily update the room with décor, upholstery, artwork, and the like. The trick with white walls is keeping them clean and not letting the room be too blank.

How to use it: make sure you choose the right white. Some interior paint jobs require more of a cream, some ivory, some ecru, and some off-white. White paint can be cool or warm depending on the theme of the room, so make sure your white complements the space.