Whether you are creating a nursery or choosing a new color for your kitchen, paint is the best way to bring a space to life. With so many different hues, colors, and sheens to choose from, you can create any sort of mood that you want simply by putting paint on the wall. Before you grab your paintbrush and painter’s hat, though, there are a few things that you should know about home interior painting in Alpharetta.– Your walls need to be prepped. You may have heard some people say that they didn’t bother to wipe down their walls or baseboards before painting. While you can paint over dust and dirt, you shouldn’t. Wiping things down first ensures that your paint color remains even and true. Wiping them down also prevents an uneven surface afterwards. Be sure to fill in any holes, take any artwork off of the walls, and wipe things down before you begin painting.

– Taping matters. If you aren’t painting the walls, ceilings, and trim the same color, you’ll need to grab some painter’s tape. This allows you to tape off the part of the wall or ceiling that you aren’t painting at that time. Taping ensures clean, crisp lines while painting. Take your time to lay it straight and press down firmly on the top of the tape to prevent bleeding from happening while painting.

– Use drop cloths. Even if you think that you are completely proficient with a paint brush, don’t forget to put down a drop cloth. These heavy-duty cloths are laid down on the floor to prevent it from becoming damaged due to the paint. You can also lay drop cloths over cabinets and furniture to prevent splatter.

– Put primer down first. Before you begin painting, apply primer to the laces you will paint. Primer is put on the walls first to even out the color and reduce the amount of paint coats you have to apply. If you’ve had a dark color on your walls, it’s especially important to prime to ensure that your chosen color remains true.

– Begin painting. Once it’s time to start painting, don’t let your first stroke be on the tape. Instead, paint on the wall first. This reduces the chances of bleeding. Keep your brushstrokes flowing in the same direction with the same amount of paint on your brush. Once the first coat looks even, wait the recommended amount of time before applying a second coat.

By following these 5 simple tips and tricks, home interior painting in Alpharetta will be a breeze.