There is a cultural affinity to having a painting party to get the outside of your home painted. You invite all of your best friends and family, you pick up the paint and rollers, and then you order pizza and your favorite beverage. What the cultural representations never show you is how badly this could all turn out. At Fillo Painting inĀ Marietta, we have had to fix enough botched paint jobs to know that leaving the exterior painting of your home to the professionals is always the right move.

Personal Safety

Even if you have a lot of experience climbing a ladder, your friends and family may not. If you fall, or worse, one of your friends done, you may have to pay for the resulting hospital bills. Reputable painting services take all the risks themselves. They have the safety equipment and knowledge to make it acceptable. They also have the insurance and bonding that will keep you from having to pay for accidents.

The Right Tools and Time

Exterior residential painting takes the right set of tools and knowledge, as well as time. While painting a room indoors may be easy with a roller, the outside of a house is something different. You will need to deal with the weather, prep the home correctly, and then make sure to apply the number of coats required to protect your home from the elements.

Your Investment

Your home is probably your largest investment, and you want your paint job to look as good and last as long as possible. When you hireĀ residential painting services in Marietta, you are taking steps to guarantee that your home gets the type of paint job it deserves. You are also protecting yourself, your friends and your family from unnecessary exposure to danger. Go ahead, order the pizza, and invite your friends and family over for a party to celebrate your home’s new look. Just leave the painting to the professionals.