It can be a tough choice for a parent to make: when it comes time to paint a child’s room, should you let them choose the color? Before consulting professionals in interior house paint in Marietta, the decision must be made. At first, the thought might send scary images swirling into your head. What if they choose mermaid-metallic purple or superhero red? Kids can have, well, interesting taste!

And, a paint color is something you plan to live with day in and day out for a long time.

For very young children, a great option is to narrow down the choice to a handful of colors that you love. Then let them pick one of those colors. The child gets to share in the excitement, and everyone wins.

But for older kids, when all is said in done, letting them pick their own color can be a satisfying experience for both of you. Making the choice is a thrill for them, and the added responsibility can be an important milestone.

Here are three great reasons to let your child choose their own color:

Practice Decision Making

This is a big decision! Kids need practice making big decisions. Making a careful and thoughtful choice can help create confidence in themselves and in their ability to choose wisely. This decision can become one brick in a foundation of accountability and self-determination. They’ll stand on that foundation as they grow and mature.

A Lesson in Value

Being a part of redecorating their room can teach valuable skills. Making a semi-permanent decision such as this will show them how much effort goes into their surroundings. No one is waving a magic wand! Decorating your space and having it painted by professionals involves effort and hard work. By taking part in the process, your child will likely learn to place more value on their space from now on. That sense of ownership can be a powerful thing!

Show That You Believe in Them

Allowing your child to choose shows your confidence in them. You can show them that you value their input and celebrate their self-expression, too! It’s a process to help them learn just a little bit more about themselves. Place importance on letting them shine and express who they really are, then watch them blossom and grow.