It Needs Paint

The blustering pace of summer activities can get the best of anyone. When spring finally came, you had a list of exterior projects that you had every intention of finishing before the weather turned for the worse. If interior painting in Roswell, or more importantly, exterior painting was on that list, it’s not too late to get the job done.


The technology of modern paint products allows interior house painting in Roswell to be done at any time of year without your family having to endure harsh odors from paints and primers. Outside, however, mother nature calls the game and you might as well get it done as long as the window is still open.

Weather Reason One

With the onset of the autumn season comes consistently lower temperatures. Exterior acrylics that dry too quickly due to heat can skim-over and trap moisture underneath the paint film. As for the painters themselves, not suffering in temperatures close to 100 degrees will make them more comfortable and productive.

Weather Reason Two

Water and excessive moisture during application are the sworn enemies of acrylic finishes. Not only does the substrate need to be dry, but the air must be relatively dry as well. Paint that is subjected to high humidity during the drying process may not coalesce properly. During coalescence, the particles come together while the water evaporates out of the film. If the water cannot leave in a timely manner, the particles may not come together as intended. The results could include a finish that is either too brittle, or too flexible inhibiting long-term adhesion. Residential painting services in Roswell will enjoy the lower humidity of fall as much as the paint the paint they apply.

Weather Reason Three

The warmth of the summer sun is great for your family vacation, but it does nothing but slowly damage your paint. When applying paint, it is never recommended to apply it in direct sunlight. Paint that dries too quickly will skim-over, resulting in uncured paint underneath, closer to the substrate. The resulting bubbles will cause product failure.


Another great benefit of cooler fall weather is there is less bugs. Residential painters in Roswell won’t miss the many stinging pests that make their job difficult at times, and your siding won’t miss them either. Ants, beetles, spiders, and stinkbugs have pretty much had their fun in the sun by the time falls around. Now is the time to get your siding caulked, painted, and tightened up before the neighborhood pests start to make their way inside for the winter.