As a business owner, you’ve put countless hours into building your brand. Whether you manufacture a specific product or sell a wide variety of products under one umbrella, your business is an important accomplishment.

If you turn the key on a brick and mortar building every morning, you’re inviting customers old and new into one of your most important sources of advertising. Your store or office is a walk-in billboard. The colors inside and outside should reflect who and what “you” are. Commercial painting contractors in Canton, Ga, can help make that happen.

Your Colors

What do your business’ colors say to the public? Does your logo or signage host a lot of blues and greens? Blues and greens tend to lend themselves to a calmer and more earthy presence. If you expect your business to be more dramatic, then reds and yellows will invoke more aggression and passion from your associates as well as your customers. Black and white screams “generic” while too much black can seem foreboding and frightening.


When it comes to application of your business’ colors, a commercial painting company in Canton, GA can help you determine where the colors will best work with your building. Each building is different architecturally and using too broad of a brush may overload the senses of the customer. There are, however, areas of your building that require specific focus.

The Building

Before customers enter your building, they should already be aware of your logo, signage, and specific colors. Be bold on the outside to draw people in, much like a barker for games at a carnival. The waiting room is important place to reinforce your color decisions. Commercial painting contractors in Canton, GA can help you decide on stripes, accent walls and even flooring that will accentuate your colors.

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