You want your bedroom to be a sanctuary after a long, busy day. Finding the right color for the walls can be a challenge with so many paint color options and shades. Too dark, and the room can seem a bit cave like. Too bright, and it can feel overly active for a peaceful sleep.

Before consulting residential painting services in Alpharetta, take the time to flesh out a complete vision for how you want your bedroom to look and feel. Make sure the wall color will fit that vision perfectly. When designing your ideal space, the wall color will provide the backdrop for whatever atmosphere you decide to create with bedding, rugs, and accessories.

Here are 4 distinct bedroom styles and the wall colors to go with them.


A rich Rustic Red on the walls provides the backdrop for an exotic, bohemian space. Complete this look with patterned textiles and a Kilim rug. Texture is a major component of the bohemian style, so look for woven pieces and mix and match a variety of fabrics. Fringe is a bohemian room’s best friend!


For an elegant, luxurious space, you want clean lines and smooth, rather than woven, texture. Think silk! The perfect wall color to set the stage for luxury is a subtle, quiet Dusty Purple. Purple speaks of royalty and pairs well with silver and grey. Stick with subdued shades for a space that evokes sophistication and comfort. Use dark rich browns for accessories. Life can be like a very expensive box of handmade chocolates!


Many avoid florals in the bedroom, but you can create a sumptuous nature-infused atmosphere that’s not your grandma’s garden! Soft Pistachio Green walls paired with monochrome floral patterns and mellow brown accents will produce a space that oozes tranquility.


A mid-century modern look can make for a chic space with an air of fun. A rich Yellow Gold on the walls will set the stage beautifully. Complete this look with cool green and deep brown accents. Use geometric patterns sparingly. Mid-century modern is the epitome of cool. Add rich velvety textures for the perfect MCM touch.

To create your own vision for a perfect bedroom, start here: What feeling do you want for the space? And, what style will best evoke that feeling? Have fun!