Presentation is an essential part of any household. The way your home is decorated can set the tone for visits from the moment your guests step through the door. There are many trends out there that involve a wide variety of painting designs that can be matched to the color of your home in the best way possible. Some of these ideas can even be brought to life by local painting companies in Atlanta who will gladly assist you in giving your home the makeover it needs. This article will help you decide which of those designs fit your home the best.


Black is a color that works well with almost any home. It fits in perfectly with all types of designs and color palettes. You should consider using black as a statement. It is a great neutral color that can add a sleek intensity to any home decor layout. Consult with home painting services in Atlanta for more detailed advice on how you should incorporate black into your home.


The trend for 2018 is going to be a shift toward light minimalism. Contrasting palettes such as black and white are seemingly on the way out, with more of an emphasis being placed upon softer palettes such as green and pink. These calm color schemes can set the atmosphere for a peaceful living space. If you want this harmonious theme in your household, you should, again, consider contacting your local painting company so they can show you how best to add a light, calm design that fits your home decor.


Pink is a color that always evokes strong emotion. Despite its feminine look, pink is becoming much more of a gender-neutral design choice, and 2018 could be the year it finally makes a mainstream splash into households everywhere. For those who want to make a bold statement with their design choices, pink should definitely be a high priority.

Travel Palettes

The world continues to become more connected each day. Travel is now a common hobby, and taking in new cultures and exploring the world are fascinating activities that are even bigger trends because of social media outlets like Instagram. You can show your guests how cultured you are by bringing design choices from different parts of the world into your home and incorporating them into your design and color choices. You don’t have to feel forced into making choices that relate solely to the trends that are popular where you live.

These design trends offer a lot of inspiration and ideas. Remodeling and decorating don’t have to be complicated, and one of the easiest ways to accomplish this is through a fresh approach to design thinking. You can access all the help you need for this from your home painting company in Atlanta and further discuss the best design possibilities for your unique home with professionals.