Adding or replacing wall covering can have a dramatic effect on a room. It can give it new life or add that special something that’s been long overdue. The question of whether to use paint or wallpaper can sometimes be a difficult one to answer. However, with a little bit of insight on the matter, you’ll be able to determine which one will work best for the rooms you want to redecorate. The professionals at Fillo Painting Contractors, who provide interior house painting in Alpharetta, want to offer you some tips to help you choose wisely.

The Question of Moisture

A first consideration of whether to use paint or wallpaper has to do with the level of moisture in the room you want to decorate. The kitchen and bathroom have high levels of moisture or humidity and paint generally functions better than wallpaper in this type of environment.

Advantages of Paint

Paint has a very rejuvenating effect on a room. It can definitely brighten and clean a room as well. A nice, clean white paint job can give a room a spacious feel; darker shades and other colors can provide a cozy look for a smaller space. Also, as mentioned, paint works better in wet and humid rooms such as the kitchen or bathroom.

The Possibilities for Wallpaper

Even though wallpaper can peel in more humid environments, the decorating possibilities are many. Technological advances in digital graphics make wallpaper less expensive these days and the design possibilities are nearly endless, including custom designs. Also, the various patterns of wallpaper can create the specific effect you’re looking for, such as with vertical lines that make a room look taller.

If You’re Sold on Wallpaper for the Kitchen or Bathroom…

If you’re dying to use wallpaper in your kitchen or bathroom, then plan on redecorating every couple of years. Other options include adding splash tiles above sink or bath areas and then papering above that.

Whatever material or pattern you choose; there are residential painters in Alpharetta that can help you design your room to look new and wonderful.