Home projects come with their fair share of questions and we’re here to tackle some of the most frequently asked ones so you can go into your next interior painting project prepared.

How Should I Pick Out Interior Colors?

There’s a lot that goes in to picking out that fresh coat of color for your home and it can be a big decision to make when you’re looking for something that will transform your space. A couple of key considerations to take into account include the lighting in the space, the purpose of the space, and the style and aesthetic you want the space to have. We include some helpful tips on picking out colors in our blog post!

Do I Need to Clean My Walls Before Painting?

You don’t need to hose down the entire house, but we do recommend taking the time to clean your walls and make any repairs if needed. A new coat of paint is a great excuse to get some home projects done. Paint adheres best on a clean surface which means any dust, debris, or oil spots should be wiped down before you get started to really maximize the look of your walls. In addition, if you’ve had leftover tack, minor holes, or other blemishes on the wall, now is the perfect time to get them fixed.

Does Paint Finish Really Matter?

Yes! Different sheens not only create different looks in the home depending on where they are, they also play a functional role in keeping your home looking great. Matte finishes may look stunning, but we only really recommend them for low-traffic areas that aren’t going to see a lot of mess. A glossier sheen will be easier to clean up, so kitchens and bathrooms are great contenders for this type of finish. If you’re unsure, go for something in the middle like eggshell that will create a smooth finish while also being manageable when it comes to messes.

How Should I Prepare a Space for Interior Painting?

It’s a good idea to go through your space and clear out any items that could get in the way of painting or items you don’t want paint to be accidentally spilled over. Smaller objects can be removed from a room completely while larger things like furniture can be pushed to the center. Make sure to take down wall hangings, décor, and secure curtains, etc. On the day of, make sure you have an idea of how you are going to organize family members, both humans and pets, so they aren’t getting in the way of painters and vice versa.

We offer plenty of tips, tricks, and answers to any and all painting question you could have in our blog! We regularly update it to make painting projects and other home renovations easier for you.

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