Your home reflects you as a person; the way you decorate and present your home’s interior showcases your passions, personality, and style. One of the most influential features of your home is the color of the walls. It may not seem like it, but your interior paint essentially sets an atmosphere. So, what color work best for you?  Fillo Painting, a local paint contractor in Roswell, GA, provides a few pointers to help you match your interior paint with your style.

If you’re living in Roswell, GA, and are seeking some new expressive exterior house paint, first, you must decide what sort of style you’re going for. Are you planning a laid-back, calm, and inviting style? How about a more upbeat, creative, and extravagant approach?  Of course, there’s always a classic look of permanence, practicality, and solidarity. It may be difficult to determine which style appeals to you, so an in-depth look may help.

For a calm and laid-back style, try going for pale to medium blues, lavenders, and greens. These are typically associated with bodies of water or the sky and have soothing effects on people. They suggest that your home is your metaphorical oasis from the world in which you can unwind. Rooms painted with these colors tend to seem more expansive and peaceful, and are better suited for quiet and more introverted evenings.

For those that prefer a more outgoing and confident approach, warmer hues are typically best. Yellows, oranges, and shades of red best invoke this tone. Rooms painted with these colors have a warm and friendly vibe that helps make them feel more intimate. Typically contrasting from rooms painted with cooler colors, these rooms suggest action, and tend to be bolder and more prominent.

Lastly, if you prefer something a little less descriptive, there’s always a more classic approach. Colors such as gray, beige, and ivory invoke a feeling of rationality. They may seem bare at first, but the beauty of these hues is that they truly allow the rest of the room to succeed. Earthy tones accentuate your furniture or decorations and tend not to overpower. These rooms are perfect for someone who wants their decorations to tell their story.

Obviously, there are quite a few choices, but if you’re soliciting painting services in Roswell, GA., consider contacting Fillo Painting to get a better idea of which paint color matches your style.