Studies have shown that different colors have different effects on people. They can elicit certain feelings or create certain reactions in people when used appropriately. This is a valuable thing to know if you’re painting your home, as you can use color psychology to help people feel the way you want them to feel while in your home. Here are a few ways to use color psychology in your home’s paint colors; keep these in mind the next time you’re looking for residential painting services in Alpharetta.

Red Increases Appetite

Want people to have a hearty appetite when they step into your kitchen? Red has been shown to increase appetite in individuals, so add a splash of this color to your kitchen or dining area when you paint. You don’t have to cover everything in red, of course. A red accent wall or red cabinets can do the trick just fine.

Cool Colors Bring Relaxation

If you want your guests to feel calm and relaxed, stick with cool colors. Shades of green, blue, and even lavender can help people relax and feel peaceful in a space. These are great shades to use in bedrooms and bathrooms. Basically, if you want a room to feel like it is an escape or retreat from the hectic stresses of daily life, paint it in a cool shade.

Green Promotes Concentration

If you have a home office or another area that’s dedicated to work or study, try to add a splash of green to the space. Studies have shown that green helps promote concentration in a home office setting, which means you’ll be able to get your work done more quickly and spend more time on the things that you enjoy.

Use Yellow for Optimism

You’re probably not surprised to hear that yellow promotes an optimistic outlook. There’s something inherently happy about the color, and if you use it properly in your home, it can make your space an all-around happier place to be. Add a touch of it to any room for brighter, cheerier space.

The next time you’re hiring¬†residential painter in Alpharetta,¬†consider color psychology and how the colors you choose affect the mood in your home.