Painting your home is one of the best ways to refresh, restyle, and redecorate any room. You can modernize, go back to favored classics, or just change things up to keep things interesting. The options and effects are nearly endless when it comes to painting. But it’s important to also remember that painting can be an ordeal. It’s long, tough work, and if you made the unfortunate choice not to hire professional painters, you can spend several days or even weeks on a house painting job.

Thankfully, house painting professionals can update any room in no time, giving it a fresh and clean coat of long-lasting paint. They can paint any room of your home, and that’s another facet that makes things interesting. If you can paint any room, which ones should you paint first?

Professional interior painters recommend this guide to the interior painting process. Read on to learn what’s entailed when you paint the following rooms, and how to prioritize the process.

Think About Why You’re Painting

What’s your goal in painting your home? What was the moment that you decided that painting would be a good idea? Are you putting your home on the market? If so, then you should start at the foyer and work your way into every other room. Painting is a must before you sell a home because it makes your entire house look newer, neater, and more marketable.

Another approach is to paint around your lifestyle. You can start with storage rooms, guest bedrooms and bathrooms, and the formal dining room. You may not be able to access these rooms during the painting process, but this shouldn’t affect your day-to-day routine too much.

If you’re approaching a painting company because you want to redesign your home, it’s best to start in the kitchen, then paint your living room, other public rooms like the foyer, and then finally the bedrooms and bathrooms. The point here is to prioritize the rooms that get the most visitors.

Or, simply start with the room that offends you the most. Are you sick of a boring neutral color like off-white? Are you regretting your decision to paint a room a very eccentric color? Or do you feel that one room has particularly scuffed and damaged wall paint? Start your interior re-painting process where it matters most to you.


BedroomPainting a bedroom first requires that you move all furniture away from the walls. Unfortunately, bedroom furniture tends to be some of the heaviest–beds with large frames and long dressers can be incredibly burdensome to move. However, a professional painting crew can help you with the prep process. However, getting this process out of the way quickly ensures you’ll be able to sleep in your bed again soon.


The kitchen is a great place to start. You may feel that your life will be put on hold when the kitchen is under work. While you can technically access food without disturbing the walls, your painting crew would appreciate some space to get the job done quickly and accurately. Select a day to eat all meals out or stock up on ready to serve meals like cereals and sandwiches. Prep and eat them in the dining room, out the way of the crew. Thankfully, kitchen cabinetry and appliances take up most of the wall space in a kitchen, so there won’t be much square footage to paint, making this a quick–although delicate–job.

Living Room

This is one of the rooms that it’s easiest to do without, and the one that will have the most impact when you entertain guests. Painting a living room does take a long time because it may be proportionally larger than the other rooms in your home and may even have higher ceilings. Many painters recommend that you perform this job last.

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