There are many factors that affect the exterior paint on your home, with local climate and weather being the prime causes of paint deterioration and damage. Sunlight, along with the quality of the previous paint job, the quality of the paint used previously, and the architectural style of your home are all factors affecting how long your home’s exterior paint will last.

Because the Kennesaw area doesn’t have a wide range of harsh weather conditions, chances are your paint job could hold up for decades if a quality paint was used and it was painted well, according to the paint manufacturer’s suggestions.

There are preparations for exterior paint jobs used to prepare the surface, which allow the paint to adhere better. This will increase the paint’s longevity, protect the structural integrity of your home, and keep it looking beautiful.

– Hire an experienced professional. Painting is a popular DIY project, but hiring a pro who is experienced in exterior painting not only saves you time, you’ll benefit from the expert techniques used, and receive a warranty or guarantee on the work and materials used.

– Start with a clean exterior surface. Most pros power wash the surface, which removes any loose paint, dirt, mold, or mildew.

– Sand down any rough areas or imperfections, and repair rotted wood or other damage found.

– Choose a high-quality paint. High-gloss paints highlight imperfections, while flat finishes encourage mildew over the years. Satin finishes work well on most homes in most climates, including high humidity climates like Georgia. Most quality paint brands also offer a warranty if applied per manufacturer’s suggestions.

Experienced exterior house painting using quality materials and tools will go a long way in keeping your home beautiful between paint jobs, but regular maintenance will improve its durability. Caulk as needed and wash off dirt to protect the surface and prevent water damage. Check for any signs of peeling or cracking paint. If it was a paint job completed by a professional contractor and it falls within the warranty or guarantee period, contact the company as soon as possible.

Don’t put off an exterior makeover for your home. Call us today for an estimate for a fresh, new coat of house paint on the exterior in Kennesaw.