Changing your home’s exterior color can give your house an immediate lift. The right color has the potential to enhance curb appeal and can even increase your home’s value. The only caveat to this is that you must pick the right color. With that in mind, here are some considerations to make when you are choosing the best exterior paint color for your home.

Components That Stay

When you’re painting the exterior of your home, plan the color you use around elements around your home that are not going to change. Unless you’re also replacing your roof, or redoing the pathways and driveways to your home, you will want to plan the paint color to match these components.

Architecture and Era

The unique architecture or historical era in which your home was built is a key consideration. If you have a midcentury modern ranch home, your color choices will obviously differ from those you would choose if you lived in a Craftsman bungalow or a Queen Anne Victorian home. One good thing to do when looking for the right paint color is to do an internet search for images of homes that were built in the same time frame and in the same area to see what was trending at the time.

Desired Visual Effect

Lastly, think about the visual effect you are trying to achieve by painting your home. Is your house enshrouded in trees? If so, you might want a color that pops and makes your house stand out rather than blend in. If your house is set off the property line a way, then lighter hues will make it appear closer while darker colors will make it look even further sunken back into the property.

Choosing the best color for exterior house painting in Marietta may not be rocket science, but choosing the right one deserves some extra time and attention. Make sure you take the above considerations to mind before undertaking home exterior painting in Marietta. A professional contractor can also help you make a good choice that makes sense for your particular style.