Have you thought about dragging your furniture to the paint store to pick matching wall paint colors? Have you caught yourself standing in front of the paint chip display at the home improvement store trying to decide, but feeling supremely overwhelmed at the choices? There are professionals who specialize in interior painting in Marietta, GA, who can help. Here are some ideas to help you get started:

• Arm or back cushion protector–Those small pieces of fabric are easy to take to the store. Choose several paint chips in darker and lighter shades, take them home and attach them to the wall. 
• Throw pillow–If you have a pillow that’s either an exact match or a shade lighter or darker than your furniture, take it to the store for paint chip matching. Consider choosing contrasting colors as well. 
• Take a Picture–Take several pictures of your furniture in all sources of light and choose the one that most approximates the true colors. Take picture to the store and use it to pick paint chips to bring home. 
• Fabric swatches–Do you have other fabrics in your home that you chose to match the furniture? Drapes, dishtowels, pillows are possible matches. Again, take a sample to the store to pick your paint chips to take home. 
Once you have several paint chips that seem to match, it’s important to look at, compare, and live with your paint choice colors for a day or two. Attach them to the wall and view them several times during the day.

It’s also possible to purchase small amounts of trial paint. Paint those colors on the walls and try them out for a day or two. Don’t be afraid to try several shades. It’s much cheaper to look at samples than change a whole wall or room. Residential painters in Marietta are also ready to provide professional assistance and make your dream room a reality.