The Paint Scenario

As any Georgian knows, poultry, specifically chickens, is big business in the Peach State. This is an industry that relies heavily on infrastructure, and the structures that house these birds constantly have to be updated. Let’s explore an imaginary, but plausible scenario. You’ve just inherited the family business, which includes four massive chicken houses. Unfortunately, they went up in 2000, and they’ve become outdated. It’s your responsibility to get them up to par, and one of the tasks is to paint their weathered exteriors. This isn’t a do-it-yourself job. You’ll want to search out commercial painting contractors in Atlanta as soon as possible.

A Big Job

The reason you shouldn’t handle a job of this magnitude yourself or hire it out to the first local handyman you happen upon is that exterior commercial painting involves a specific set of skills if it’s to be done correctly. You might need a specific type of paint for a metal building, or the height of the structure could be prohibitive for the average person to work on. Either way, it’s no small job, and you need to go into the project with some idea of what it’s going to cost.

Estimating Cost

Here’s how to get an idea of what you’ll be paying for an exterior commercial painting job:

  1. Determine the square footage you’ll need to cover. You can do this by breaking the building down into rough shapes, measuring those and adding these measurements up. You don’t worry too much about excluding measurements for windows and doorways at this point, but if you really want a more specific estimate, simply measure those units and subtract them from the total.
  2. Figure out what kind of paint you’ll need for the job and how much it will cost. You’ll probably need to ask an expert what kind of paint to use and how much area a gallon will cover. When you’ve determined the cost of paint and how much space you can cover with each gallon, divide your total space measurement by the area each gallon will cover and then multiply that number by the cost of a gallon of paint.
  3. Determine with your chosen company how long the job will take and get an estimate from them on how much they will charge you to do the work. They may even be able to give you a better estimate on paint cost at this point, given the fact that most contractors can obtain materials at a lower cost than the average consumer.

Establish a Relationship

Before choosing commercial painting contractors in Atlanta, make sure you meet the lead person who will be handling your project and that you can work with them. You should feel comfortable discussing changes with them throughout the process, and they should be willing to give you regular updates on how it’s coming along.